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Synonyms for uncolored

without color

not artificially colored or bleached

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The drawings in the other loose plates are very similar to those in the color plates of the 1855 edition, and in many cases the loose plates appear almost identical to those of 1855, except for being uncolored.
The uncolored samples were manufactured into rectangular plaques (15 x 7.
Let us consider the plane of any uncolored planar map as which consists of two kinds of longitudinal straight linear segments according to a strip of a kind alternating a strip of another, and each strip of a kind is composed of a black point * alternating a white point o, and each strip of another kind is composed of a red point [R] alternating a celeste point [c].
The uncolored version is a better evolvement of the sculpture, bringing a distinguished element to the otherwise awry figure.
The uncolored areas are the districts for which we had no survey data.
The sheet consists of colored and uncolored HIPS, EVOH, adhesive (split into two layers), polyethylene, and regrind.
There are also strong hints of Troy Brauntuch in his predilection for grayed-out obscurity, and of Vija Celmins in his uncolored allusion to photorealistic precision.
ULABG 463 with anterior part of dorsum greenish-brown, and irregular dark spots on top of head, at level of shoulders and sacral and urostyle regions; inguinal band broken in dots towards anterior part (on right flank); belly whitish, throat uncolored, darker than belly; pale tympanum.
The color task used either uncolored room temperature tap water or water colored light gray or dark gray.
For example, the clear uncolored area has a probability of 0 to 0.
On the other hand, for any uncolored vertex z with d([v.
Perhaps it is also time for ethicists discussing teenage maturity to use more representative cases, uncolored by coercion and misleading information.
While this is a very expensive loudspeaker, it does provide outstanding measured and perceived performance, and lets music pass uncolored into the room as no other tower speaker in my experience.
Values, whether socially adopted or personally accepted, can directly and exclusively contribute to misevaluation even if--repeat, even if--the anthroposcope and semantoscope give undisputedly uncolored views.