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Synonyms for uncolored

without color

not artificially colored or bleached

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1]) was purposely not colored with a and these are the only uncolored edges around (u, [v.
Thus, if the coloring game is played on any forest, Alice can play in a way such that every uncolored vertex has at most 3 colored neighbors, thereby guaranteeing every uncolored vertex has an available color if 4 colors are used.
It is preferable to use the solution on the uncolored grid of the back cover for the magic.
Two series of ABS samples have been used, one consisting of uncolored ABS containing UV-stabilizers and the other being a similar ABS-grade as the first, but containing an additional color pigment.
In case all figures of a planar map are uncolored, we call the planar map "an uncolored planar map".
Having never been lit, the candles' wicks are flattened down into their soft heads, the black paint on Santa's boots and belt chipping from long wear, the red of his suit thinning to expose the uncolored wax below.
The uncolored version is a better evolvement of the sculpture, bringing a distinguished element to the otherwise awry figure.
The color task used either uncolored room temperature tap water or water colored light gray or dark gray.
Then, considering the graph with uncolored edges, it is obvious that the edge {F, Pa} must be denoted by the color blue and hence the other edges incident with the vertex Pa by the color red, etc.
I put together an assortment of 30 different instruments of various types including curved, flat, shiny, matte, colored, and uncolored.
2) All overtones are harmonic, indicating a sound uncolored by noise or deliberate roughness.
Perhaps it is also time for ethicists discussing teenage maturity to use more representative cases, uncolored by coercion and misleading information.
While this is a very expensive loudspeaker, it does provide outstanding measured and perceived performance, and lets music pass uncolored into the room as no other tower speaker in my experience.
Values, whether socially adopted or personally accepted, can directly and exclusively contribute to misevaluation even if--repeat, even if--the anthroposcope and semantoscope give undisputedly uncolored views.