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not brought together in one place

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In its audit report of the BI for 2018 released on Monday, COA said the imposition of sanctions for airlines was not strictly monitored, causing the uncollected AF to reach P273 million.
The COA said uncollected wastes at the Rogaciano M.
Tasmanian businesses currently endure lengthy and costly delays in the disposal of goods that are uncollected by consumers.
Zaheer Akbar tweeted pictures of uncollected rubbish and said: "Birmingham really ready for the Commonwealth games?
It is in these areas that the uncollected trash is the worst.
He explained that the uncollected PVCs was inclusive of names of those who had died since 2011 as well as those who had requested for the relocation of cards from their previous to a new location.
"The Bureau had not enforced the sancitons prescribed in Section 44(3) of the Philippine Immigration Law of 1940 to airline companies for nonpayment of administrative fines resulting in the accumulation of uncollected administrative fines amounting to P270,637,000 as at yearend," the COA report stated.
Furthermore, Minister Batshu raised concern about uncollected Omang cards in many of the stations across the country, adding that by the end of February 2018, uncollected Omang cards stood at 23 680 across the country.
The Manila International Airport Authority (Miaa) has uncollected hangar-rental fees amounting to P722 million, not P100 million as earlier announced.
Youngsters are being encouraged to design litter bin posters which highlight both the environmental and health impact of uncollected dog poo.
TEESSIDE residents are among the least likely in England to pay their council tax - with potentially millions of pounds going uncollected. Most councils, when they set their budgets, do not expect to collect 100% of the council tax for which they bill residents, but lower than expected collection rates could leave a hole in the budget.
LIVERPOOL Council is potentially missing out on nearly PS10m in uncollected council tax from the past year.
People in Llanishen were expecting their collections on Sunday but their general waste and food waste were left uncollected.
In absolute terms, however, Italy came first with e1/436.9bn in uncollected VAT with France in second place (e1/424.5bn) and Germany rounding off the top three (e1/423.5bn).