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not having a coating


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[ClickPress, Wed Feb 27 2019] Specialty Uncoated Paper Label Market: Overview Specialty uncoated paper labels are low-cost marketing products used for brand endorsement.
Effective with shipments on 9 July 2018, the increase of price on the uncoated recycle board grades is in response to strong market dynamics and inflationary cost pressures in transportation, chemicals and other recycled paperboard input materials.
Later the experiment was carried out in two phases for uncoated and multilayered coated piston engines.
The number of uncoated boards with confirmed decay were compared with end-coated boards with decay.
The thermodynamic and kinetics data show that the [E.sub.a] values for the graphene coated SS are higher than the uncoated ones which support the good protection efficiencies (70-95%) for SS, while the decrease in apparent activation energy for the graphene coated Cu and Al leads to less protection efficiencies, around 65% in this case; the number of corrosion sites can be represented by preexponential factor A in the Arrhenius equation:
Previous works were concentrated in a) coated and uncoated drills effects on tool wear and surface roughness, b) effect of spindle speed and feed rate on burr dimensions, c) effect of thrust force and torque on tool life individually.
However, we cannot reach our goal with an uncoated stencil until the AR is 0.63.
Although hand some work has been done on tool life and surface roughness evaluation using coated and uncoated surface roughness.
Uncoated paper facestocks with matte finishes are a popular material for achieving a premium bottle look.
In response to growing demand, the company is also extending its range of Zanlabel products to include an uncoated label paper with a natural feel.
The coating resulted in a significant decrease of surface friction and consequently easiness of flow when compared to their uncoated counterparts.
One had uncoated nails in it, the other galvanized roofing screws.
Following the great reception for uncoated Modo Northern Light, Metsa Board has launched two new double-coated fully bleached liners in its lightweight range.
Biolux P-I is a randomized, controlled study investigating the safety and performance of Passeo-18 Lux (n=30) versus an uncoated Passeo-18 percutaneous transluminal angioplasty (PTA) catheter (n=30) in the treatment of lesions in the femoropopliteal segment of up to 200 mm long.
The two researchers compared the performance of coated and uncoated corn seeds planted in early spring--when soil temperatures were still below the optimum 50[degrees]F needed for germination--and coated and uncoated seeds planted 4 to 6 weeks later.