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not wearing clothing


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Parker Foundation, the elderly will be supported, the youth will be educated, the hungry will be fed, the unclothed will be covered, and the impoverished will be restored.
unclothed Reckless lost friends through a resignation calculated to inflict maximum PR damage: but his former party is surely better off without someone at its nasty end (in a week where it just got nastier, in several conference speeches) who sought to shaft it by joining a still nastier party that embraces intolerance and xenophobia.
While some people are content enjoying the unclothed beauty of their partners, others would go to great lengths to take a peek at other people in various states of undress without their knowledge or consent.
After obtaining prosecutors' permission to search the couple, we found them unclothed inside the hotel room.
He said both victims felt they had been drugged and described feeling unwell, dizzy and extremely sleepy and that Master had "revelled" in filming and photographing the women when they were unclothed and asleep.
Jando pleaded guilty May 6 to three counts of capturing images of unclothed people without their consent.
The unclothed human body is simultaneously the most highbrow and lowbrow artistic subject on the planet--Michelangelo loved the nude, but so does the guy behind Girls Gone Wild.
Karen Faye told the jury during the trial on Friday that she was in the King of Pop's private quarters at Los Angeles' Staples Center in late June 2009 when costumer Michael Bush emerged wide-eyed from a bathroom after witnessing Jackson's unclothed body, the New York Daily News reported.
Men's lusting eyes turned from me as they said "One God", and those men that unclothed me removed their clothes and put them on my body while praying that I will find guidance.
He has just been jailed again for five months for a breach of the peace - this time for repeatedly refusing to turn away from a children's playpark where he insisted it was his right to walk by unclothed.
The goal of the game, Save Harry, is to help an unclothed cartoon Prince get out of a Las Vegas hotel suite unnoticed by hotel staff and camera-toting girls in their underwear.
Censoring them in the UK is ludicrous when everyone else is peering at an unclothed Prince.
All over Britain, fitness fans are getting naked in the belief that unclothed exercise is more effective.
The unclothed body's arms, legs and head had been hacked off before it was found floating in the waterway, a source said.