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not wearing clothing


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As delegates wend their way home from the Tory conference, I hope they'll have learned two pieces of wisdom: keep your kit on when wielding a camera; and turn your phone off when unclothed.
Of all the cities in the United States, Miami has the largest number of unclothed people on social media and dating websites such as Facebook and Match.
Concerns were also raised by the students' union, who claimed security staff had accidentally filmed residents walking out of their rooms unclothed.
He said both victims felt they had been drugged and described feeling unwell, dizzy and extremely sleepy and that Master had "revelled" in filming and photographing the women when they were unclothed and asleep.
Jando pleaded guilty May 6 to three counts of capturing images of unclothed people without their consent.
The unclothed human body is simultaneously the most highbrow and lowbrow artistic subject on the planet--Michelangelo loved the nude, but so does the guy behind Girls Gone Wild.
Karen Faye told the jury during the trial on Friday that she was in the King of Pop's private quarters at Los Angeles' Staples Center in late June 2009 when costumer Michael Bush emerged wide-eyed from a bathroom after witnessing Jackson's unclothed body, the New York Daily News reported.
But when Guardian cartoonist Martin Rowson did his take on Welsh bard unclothed with a bottle of ale it caused a bit of a stir among the locals - inviting claims that it was "obscene graffiti".
Men's lusting eyes turned from me as they said "One God", and those men that unclothed me removed their clothes and put them on my body while praying that I will find guidance.
The goal of the game, Save Harry, is to help an unclothed cartoon Prince get out of a Las Vegas hotel suite unnoticed by hotel staff and camera-toting girls in their underwear.
If you had some clothed people and some unclothed people we'd get some who want to look and not be involved.
The effect, not unexpected, of encountering so much nudity is to drain idealized, unclothed flesh of any power to shock or arouse, with nakedness becoming as common as leaves on a tree.
All over Britain, fitness fans are getting naked in the belief that unclothed exercise is more effective.