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become or cause to become unobstructed

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'Plea bargaining in these 'small-time' or 'low-level' drug cases will result in the prompt and final disposition of cases that in effect will unclog the court dockets and our jails,' he added.
The derma e Very Clear Cleanser can be used to remove built-up oil and debris and help unclog pores, promote clear skin and prevent breakouts.
Zip-It is a nifty, all-too-simple tool made to unclog drains.
THERE is tentative evidence that a multibillion-pound scheme designed to unclog the flow of credit to Britain's homebuyers is starting to have an impact as official figures show a spike in mortgage approvals.
Or maybe, he figured if the bank didn't have any money, he would go ahead and unclog their toilets for 'em--who knows?
Most stents are small mesh cylinders and offer cardiologists a less invasive approach than surgery to unclog coronary arteries.
You were going down the right path when you tried to clean your carburetor, but the spray-in stuff isn't thorough enough to unclog the tiny passages that are probably gummed up.
What's the best and safest way to unclog my drains?
WITH autumn fast approaching, now is the perfect time to unclog your gutters.
Summary: Bill Clinton has said that he will manage his stress better after undergoing a procedure to unclog a blocked artery.
To unclog the system, the Florida Bankers Association wants to create a nonjudicial avenue to settling foreclosure fights, though opponents say it will remove some of the few projections embattled homeowners enjoy.The bankers group wants to set up a procedure though which banks could take over homes before they start to deteriorate or get abused as abandoned eyesores.
The system will see more disputes settled by arbitration and help unclog Scotland's overworked courts.
YELLOW SUBMARINE POWER DRAINSTICK is the fastest and safest way to unclog drains.
Kennedy, who has longstanding back problems, had surgery in October to unclog a partially-blocked carotid artery in his neck.
The results are surprising because angioplasty, a procedure that uses metal stents to unclog arteries, has been the first line of treatment for most patients having a heart attack or experiencing severe symptoms.