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Synonyms for unclimbable

incapable of being ascended


incapable of being surmounted or climbed

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Both come face to face with the Indian and find there is no face there but an unclimbable cliff, giving no foothold, like the side of a mesa; but each takes it so differently" (77).
The hero is the story, not just of a good deed, but a great deed--a great deed which climbs the unclimbable, endures the unendurable, holds fast to the lost.
British Pathe characterised driving up the road as Climbing the Unclimbable and filmed a car successfully ascending it.
We were there recently on a fine March day, and could see past the Vietnam and Korean Memorials up through the Reflecting Pool (currently under repair for a leak), to the giant fountain of the World War II Memorial (dry also), to the Washington Monument beyond (pointing resolutely upward, but unclimbable until it gets some postearthquake repairs).
After losing the race to climb the 'unclimbable' Half Dome peak in Yosemite in 1957, Californian Warren Harding set his sights on an even greater challenge: a direct line up the 1,000-metre granite cliff of El Capitan.
Mr Leckey said Tia'superb climbing ability and her light build enabled her to reach the top of an elder tree which was described as "unclimbable" by officials from Northern Ireland Electricity.
Although it more or less ended in 1925 with the first ascent of Mount Alberta--the last of the "unclimbable" mountains--the Ostheimer Expedition was still, in 1927, grounded in the mountaineering ethic of the golden age.
At this point, in fact, the Hedge--unclimbed and unclimbable, "netted over with silver cobwebs" (144)--symbolizes the demarcation between a given society and a universe so alien that it is quite simply an "unreal country" (160).
Fragmented gates and grilles bar visual entrance to the "shrines"; forms retreat from sight; unclimbable stairs vanish into shadow.
The result is a low-maintenance, nearly unclimbable, uncuttable barrier with superior durability.
The female and yearling ran up a rocky slope towards the base of a steep, unclimbable cliff.
Difficult describes a way lived life feels (full of pain, littered with climbable and unclimbable obstacles), which corresponds to a kind of poetry (full of disjunctions and ellipses, littered with climbable and unclimbable obstacles).
It happened on a long hike through a doomed suburban forest, when I spotted the largest nest I'd ever seen in the top of a towering, seemingly unclimbable cottonwood tree.
Climbers generally oppose restrictions on bolts, arguing that they are needed for safety and for access to unclimbable rocks.
One of the Club's leading climbers (his first ascent of New Mexico's Shiprock in 1939 helped introduce the use of expansion bolts on otherwise unclimbable faces), he edited 1942's Manual of Ski-Mountaineering, intended to serve as an aid in the training of mountain troops.