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release from a clasp

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To deploy the pistol, simply unclasp the buckle and draw it from the bag.
Unclasp God's book of nature--its writings read not thus!
To prepare: blanch, ice bath, mince, sweeten with juice (elderberry is traditional), unclasp dagger, serve.
For devotees of Marxism itching to unclasp the "charm bracelet of composition's embrace of identity politics" (120), On Multimodality provides "an expanded view of commodity fetishism that indicts consumer capitalism for its trade in images" (111).
The bra, which unhooks only after sensing an instant boost of love-filled excitement, sends the body's functions as a signal to the app, which then determines if the "true love rate" is enough to unclasp it.
In the former, a pair of white-gloved conjuror's hands repeatedly clasp and unclasp, each motion revealing a new object, image, or effect that hovers in space until replaced by the next in a seemingly endless sequence.
Consider the following examples from The American Notebooks: "And old volume in a large library,--every one to be afraid to unclasp and open it, because it was said to be a book of magic" (8:14); "A ghost seen by moonlight; when the moon was out, it would shine and melt through the airy substance of the ghost, as through a cloud" (8:14); "An article on fire, on smoke.
At one point quite early on Ammons imagines leaves "mellowed at the pedicel, ready to unclasp to zephyrs," and this delightful line, and especially, perhaps, the word "zephyrs," then seems to prompt him to reflect on what it implies: ."I'm / in touch with spirits: squeaky she-devils, flapping jacks, / batty left-overs." This in turn leads to a hilarious confiding in the reader, as though in a stage whisper: "listen: I know Matthew Arnold is not // far off: he's going to come roaring out of the woods, deeply / offended by the briars and limber limbs, and mount up on a!
The dimming light in your eyes/showed Hell's grasp, weakening,/I saw the devil's hand unclasp to loose you/from your chains." It's almost stomach churning, imagining such tragedy from the inside, but it's also daring.
She is outside of the sensory world; the "You" connects with all of nature, "but never touch[es] me [Julian]" Her hands are "bloodless" unfeeling, and she must command them to "unclasp" (50).
Only the Sergeant at Arms knew how to unclasp and fold the sash.
Her contemporary Maria Edgeworth found this particular passage from the novel uniquely poignant, writing that "nothing can be finer than the scene upon the stairs, where Dorriforth meets his daughter, and cannot unclasp her hand, and when he cannot call her by any name but Miss Milner--dear Miss Milner." (36) At this moment, Dorriforth loses all command over his body: instinctively starting in astonishment, catching his daughter as she falls, absentmindedly holding her to his bosom, compulsively weeping.
Unclasp hands but hold palms together with fingers pointing down.