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Antonyms for unchristian

not of a Christian faith


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I was going to say, what on earth do you call it unchristian for?
As to Christian or unchristian, I repudiate your canting palavering Christianity; and as to the way in which I spend my income, it is not my principle to maintain thieves and cheat offspring of their due inheritance in order to support religion and set myself up as a saintly Killjoy.
I wouldn't give a fip for all your politics, generally, but I think this is something downright cruel and unchristian.
Linton has a prejudice against me: we quarrelled at one time of our lives, with unchristian ferocity; and, if you mention coming here to him, he'll put a veto on your visits altogether.
Truly, holy brother," said he, laying his hand upon the King's bridle rein, "it were an unchristian thing to not give fitting answer to so fair a bargain.
Many people say that the death penalty is not unchristian because in the Bible Jesus quoted an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth.
A HOMELESS man has branded a church unchristian over its plans to evict him on Christmas Day.
Senator Leila de Lima shot back at Presidential Spokesman Harry Roque and his 'principal' on Thursday calling them both 'grossly unchristian.
It's unchristian to stay in a parish simply to fight with the pastor.
The alleged angle of financial corruption added a dubious dimension making it a cocktail of unchristian activities.
Throughout all of this, they pursued a form of Christian faith that made the unchristian character of their own attitudes and social structures invisible to them.
WHAT an unchristian attitude from Lord Freud with his suggestion that the disabled are only worth PS2 an hour.
Joyette feels it is unchristian to think of Judas anywhere else.
I felt deep personal unease having to respond to the Rev Evans via the columns of your newspaper after a number of people may have believed that his letter possibly included quite an unchristian tone.