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Synonyms for uncheerful

causing sad feelings of gloom and inadequacy

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It's been a long, uncheerful eight years since the world's been gifted a "(https://www.
OI don't think we've been in such a calamitous situation since Goodness Knows When (which was an actual event, obviously), or had more reasons to be so emphatically uncheerful.
Charlie Brooker End Of The Year Wipe, BBC2, 9pm A man whose caustic persona sticks out like a sore thumb in the happy snappy world of chummy TV, uncheerful Charlie returns with a look back on another year of media lunacy.
I'm not an uncheerful person but he's either terrified or delighted all the time.
THE villagers reckon the Kings must be cursed as yet another uncheerful Christmas looms for the luckless family.
Nailles felt uncheerful and tried the naive expedient of bolstering his spirits by assessing his good fortune.