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not chaste or moral

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not chaste

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culturally entrenched equation of unchaste and incredible.
Instances of female cleverness or success in jest literature have usually been read either as 'male-authored satire against women's unchaste tongues' (p.
1646) participates in a long artistic tradition that satirizes the unchaste behavior of monks and priests.
The opinion expressed in the quotation above--that an unchaste woman is less credible than a more virtuous woman--seems antiquated by today's standards.
Interpretation, scriptural or otherwise, presents distinct problems for a woman who dares to speak publicly: even though Mariam's thoughts may be of "purest light," we are told, they will be perceived as unchaste if articulated.
Similarly, in The first two partes of the Actes or unchaste examples of Englyshe Votaryes, gathered out of theyr own legendes and Chronicles, Bale claims that throughout history the Roman Catholic clergy have been the greatest traitors both to God and their monarch.
* When the wife is earning more than you, your son wears an earring, your daughter is unchaste and there's no help around the house to be had on your salary, pale men may muse that if only, if only Robert E.
Jest-books such as Een nyeuwe clucht boeck made fun of priests by portraying them as being moronic, as having a shaky knowledge of Latin and the scriptures, as being unchaste, and only being career-minded.
An unchaste woman, some people say, is even worse than a murderer.
In order to regain the upper hand, he threatens her with sexual assault, speaking "many fowyl rebawdy wordys vn-to hir." Unable to "getyn no cawse a-geyn hir," the Steward attempts to prove Kempe's lewdness in the ambiguous sense used by Hoccleve against the female Lollards when he calls them "lewd calates." To prove her sexually lewd (i.e., unchaste) simultaneously proves her to be spiritually lewd (i.e., ignorant) and thus doubly disqualified from the religious matters she engages.
Rushdoony, the dean of Christian Reconstructionism and founder of the Chalcedon Foundation, has written, "Christianity is completely and radically anti-democratic; it is committed to a spiritual aristocracy." Rushdoony has also called democracy the "great love of the failures and cowards of life." Gary North, another prominent Reconstructionist, has stated, "The modern world has been threatened by the rise of mass democracy, the politics of one man, one vote." We at Church & State are not comforted to hear that the Reconstructionists will wait until they have the support of 51 percent of the population before they start executing blasphemers, "unchaste" people, homosexuals, "witches" and worshippers of "false gods."
But it came about that by the blending and fusing of seemingly unrelated components, she, Nelly, could no longer hear the word "unchaste" without having a simultaneous vision of vermin, the white snake, and the face of the Jew boy.
The most popular of all themes is a particular type of current event, the "honor crime" in which, typically, an unchaste woman is killed by a male agnate.
And, although Proverbs 9:14--"She sitteth at the door of her house"--refers specifically to a "foolish woman," for Robert Cleaver, glossing the verse, that image shades instead into the description of an unchaste woman: her"property is to be abroad in the streets to meet with companions, and to entice men to folly by her looks and behavior" (1615; sigs.