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in uncharacteristic manner

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A missing person's investigation was launched after Dr Barker uncharacteristically failed to turn up for work at the Quayside Medical Practice in Newhaven, East Sussex.
Symonds received valuable support from Brad Hogg - the pair putting on 173 for the seventh wicket to stabilise the innings on a Sydney Cricket Ground pitch which was uncharacteristically responsive.
On the uncharacteristically dark, well-crafted ``The Sun Doesn't Like You,'' for instance, Jones' plaintive, smoky voice puts across lyrics like, ``We can build a fire/In the open field past the razor wire/Sneak by the dogs when they go to sleep.
Because the conflict between Dick Cheney's archconservatism and his moderate stance on same-sex marriage piqued the moral curiosity of observers who wondered how he rationalized this uncharacteristically progressive position--and how his daughter rationalized working for a presidential candidate who used gay-baiting to court voters.
Fast Company magazine is uncharacteristically smart and informative when it comes to the ways of work today, and so not surprisingly, its collection of business (and life) quotations, The Rules of Business, is in a class of its own.
From the perspective of newspaper headlines, judicial activity on the education front was uncharacteristically unspectacular last year.
Uncharacteristically, the Nazis hesitated to silence the popular bishop, but he was, according to propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels, marked for reckoning "after the final victory.
The least popular of all her novels, it looked for a while like the uncharacteristically grim Ghost Children would never be picked up for paperback publication.
Samaras's Panoramas, collaged photo strips that dominate the '80s, give way in the '90s to increasing use of computer manipulation, resulting in works that seem uncharacteristically distanced from the hand.
Systems integration is all the rage in Asia, and NTT appears to be leaping on the bandwagon uncharacteristically early.
Contributors include Billy Bragg, Badly Drawn Boy, and, uncharacteristically, from Springsteen himself.
He was eventually much happier at the Architectural Association where, uncharacteristically for the time, Frank Lloyd Wright was his preferred modern architect.
Uncharacteristically self-effacing for a blogger, Sanchez describes his Notes from the Underground (accessible at www.
But when the conversation turns to gender issues the roles almost reverse, with James now prodding an uncharacteristically laconic Dona Maria.
The girl's mother, Rafa, and the midwife, Faridah, who uncharacteristically refused to assist in Rafa's birth, do not behave as conventional Arab women, as Harif and his neighbors know.