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distinctive and not typical

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It was uncharacteristic and stupid of me, but I've learnt my lesson and moved on.
The company said the substance apparently migrated from the liner onto the cereal and that "some consumers are particularly sensitive to these uncharacteristic off-tastes and smells and may have temporary symptoms, like nausea and diarrhea.
For questions 1 to 10, very uncharacteristic - 1, moderately uncharacteristic - 2, neither uncharacteristic or characteristic - 3, moderately characteristic - 4, very characteristic - 5.
HERE'S some uncharacteristic madness from the normally-sensible Swiss, in the form of the new Weber carbon fibre supercar.
The One features fruity notes, uncharacteristic of Dolce and Gabbana's fragrances and is the only scent other than Light Blue that isn't season-oriented.
His uncharacteristic burst of bad temper begins a chain reaction with consequences no one can foresee
This bill proposes "a series of pilot projects to encourage collaborative approaches to, and to provide research on, the rehabilitation of forest ecosystem health following uncharacteristic disturbances of forested federal lands.
This was uncharacteristic of a president, indeed of politicians in general.
Moreover, all the known Archaeopteryx fossils, including the newly described one, have highly curved claws, a trait typical of modern perching birds but uncharacteristic of their ground-dwelling kin.
A small, noble house hidden in the woods, an exquisite collection of Gauguins and beside it a confidently folded sweep of concrete, with Zaha herself emerging in a coat of uncharacteristic green, claiming that it 'went with the greenery'.
In the back gallery, an uncharacteristic canvas delivered a delicate whirl of sea green and sky blue, a scrim of fluffy white, and an ever-so-slight touch of lilac.
In a fast-recovering economy gorged on record-high oil prices and nurtured by uncharacteristic political stability, many Venezuelan companies are growing and investing in themselves.
This sparks uncharacteristic self-doubt, which in turn fuels her search.
This chapter is the most interesting of the last three because of the uncharacteristic scope of several of the comparisons presented (such as those with former Soviet Union and Eastern European countries).
Why was there a visible trail which is uncharacteristic for a jet?