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in an unalterable and unchangeable manner

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unchangeably; and whether because of these three, there is in God also a
Here, we see Blake speaking favorably of what "Eternally Exists, Really & Unchangeably" in contradistinction to Fable and Allegory.
Thinking, as Heidegger (following Kierkegaard) presented it, is always moving forward in pursuit of an ever-escaping completeness, which conflicted with the idea of God's unchangeably perfect Being.
The nature of truth must not only unchangeably transcend time and space, but can also be presented in time and space.
After his moral cowardice precipitates his friend Brian's suicide in 1914, Anthony conveniently defines individuals as "formless collections" (147) of states, each isolated from the others, a definition that gets "rid of responsibility and the need for consistency" (365) and allows him, paradoxically, to remain "unchangeably himself" (24).
(Milton, II, 32, 32-38; Blake 1976:522) Vision or Imagination is a Representation of what Eternally Exists, Really & Unchangeably. Fable or Allegory is Form'd by the Daughters of Memory.
The stateless are persecuted 'not because of what they had done or thought, but because of what they unchangeably [are]--born into the wrong race or the wrong kind of class' (Walters, 2010, p.
In general, given the dynamic time-varying network topology, it is unlikely to keep the transmit power unchangeably. However, there is a need to dynamically regulate the transmit power of SUs according to the dynamic nature of time dependency.
Wherefore, since it is our duty fully to enjoy the truth which lives unchangeably, and since the triune God takes counsel in this truth for the things which He has made, the soul must be purified that it may have power to perceive that light, and to rest in it when it is perceived.
In short, Yoder's recourse to ontological categories means that the state is unchangeably confined to its negative role whereas the church is exalted uncritically into a salvific role.
The bus we have already missed and we would never catch it if we keep like this unchangeably. The difficulties we are trapped in at this point in time so stiflingly are visibly Himalayan, requiring us necessarily to keep our sights unwaveringly straight, identify what have we to do and how, and in no conditions get deflected from the destinations we have chosen.
It has to be noticed that in the diagnosis of commune attitudes towards stimulating economic initiatives unchangeably three characteristic regularities are highlighted.
These stories are thought- provoking as well as entertaining, and put together in an anthology they are a very striking publication which shows so well how unchangeably fascinating its subject matter is.
and a very small minority may continue forever unchangeably this