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in an unalterable and unchangeable manner

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It has to be noticed that in the diagnosis of commune attitudes towards stimulating economic initiatives unchangeably three characteristic regularities are highlighted.
These stories are thought- provoking as well as entertaining, and put together in an anthology they are a very striking publication which shows so well how unchangeably fascinating its subject matter is.
and a very small minority may continue forever unchangeably this
The determinacy of law is the idea that the development of the law is unchangeably dictated by existing legal doctrines, Solum, supra, at 473, as if the law were handed down from on high in the same way God gave Moses the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai, see Exodus 19:1-20:21.
While the methods used to wage war are constantly evolving, the nature and character of war remain deeply and unchangeably rooted in the nature of man.
Whereas 'the Romish Church is essentially and unchangeably adverse to public freedom', no coolie priesthood would undermine Protestant institutions, a coolie pope would not demand homage, and no coolie anathemas would thunder across a heretic world.
Their cheeks were sunken, their expression unchangeably fixed in horror, and their skins as white and dry as paper.
Unchangeably actual question remains: 'In what way and with which instruments is it possible to transfer assumptions of sustainable development concept and to use them at organizational level?
By signaling a "dialogical relationship between present and past," the coinage avoids mystifying either tradition or anti-tradition: "Both those who hold to the detraditionalization thesis and those who support the notion of traditions being unchanging and unchangeably given, fail to recognize the dynamic process of rejuvenation and re-creation that has taken place across the centuries and continues today to give traditions ongoing life.
Should any partners dogmatically assert that they possess the entire experiential truth and can interpret it infallibly and unchangeably, no dialogue can take place.
The circulatory system within the human body is unchangeably tied to the body's growth.
If epiphany creates awareness about one's own existence, what else could Marica have concluded but that: Mitar is unchangeably selfish; losing the last money does not mean anything to him, as his wife and children mean nothing to him; her husband is capable of losing everything in order to satisfy his own passion and pleasure; for the patriarchal society, her family exists only for the pleasure of her husband, because his wife and children have to stay silent and suffer; Marica, as a woman and a wife, is helpless and cannot change her husband's treatment of her because she is a woman.
The adoration of an inscrutable face remains in her imagination, like the body bound to a wheelchair, unchangeably situated in the same place, in white jasmine.