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Antonyms for uncaulked

not caulked or sealed


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By the time we reached Archangelsk, centuries later, we were a meager handful of herring-gutted Tom Thumbs; nor did the uncaulked barracks we were quartered in offer much respite from the journey's ordeal.
Any crack, crevice, overdriven nail, butt edge, uncaulked seam or bottom edge that isn't well coated with paint will allow rain or dew to enter the siding.
At night one was awakened by the cold pressing in through cracks in the uncaulked windows and then lay there thinking about how the windows should have been caulked, and about the boat, which might be iced over any night now, and then there the boat would be, beneath a layer of ice growing thicker night by night, until it finally disappeared from sight, lost irrevocably, with a beautiful word on its side.
Sometimes, the ladybugs use openings such as uncaulked window frames to become a crowd of uninvited guests.