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not categorized or sorted

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The problems with allowing access to uncategorized sites
Duckworth translates these (rnam grangs pa / rnam grangs min pa) as "categorized" and "uncategorized." These two also correspond to post-meditative understanding and an understanding of the ultimate from the "nonconceptual state of meditative equipoise" (mnyam bzhag).
It's because the judicial processes are frequently marred by stay orders at every step, ownership of informal and uncategorized documentation and delayed verdicts.
Not exactly unhappily uncategorized, Saul Steinberg noted, "The art world doesn't quite know where to place me."
Many of the people who work informally as water sellers, car park operators, bodyguards in bars and discotheques, pizza delivery people and in other uncategorized jobs are former peasants.
The snapshots also helped place thousands of previously hidden and uncategorized asteroids into families for the first time.
Its capabilities include URL filtering based on website categories, real-time content filtering, file blocking, protocol and application filtering, multi-policy controls for age appropriate segmentation and online content inspection and filtering for uncategorized URLs.
low-carbon installations and purchases, and any uncategorized initiative.
A few species, such as American beech, maintain smooth, unbroken bark for their entire lifespan, as their initial periderm continues to grow around the increasing circumference of the trunk and branches, but many of the uncategorized photos still spread across my floor show bark that has broken apart and grown thicker in a multitude of ways.
from coal, 17% natural gas, 13% nuclear and 20% uncategorized sources.
In this text-based work, Kwan hijacks Art Basel's visual identity and runs off a string of phrases like ART I UNCOMPROMISED, ART | UNCATEGORIZED, ART | UNCAPITALIZED, ART | UNAUTHORIZED, and so on.
Together, we made an interesting, unique, and uncategorized duo.
For each program, both categorized and uncategorized amplitude histograms were input into the BPNN's for burst pressure prediction.
However, $6.57 bln of capex remained uncategorized. We argue that most of this was repayment of a large amount of arrears related to capex from previous years and owed to contractors and suppliers.
only comes with categorizations for a some popular fonts (around 250 of them), and other fonts show up in the uncategorized list.