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not categorized or sorted

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Recent inputs are indicative that IM operatives may plan a hijack or forcible intrusion at uncategorised, smaller airports to demand the release of Yasin Bhatkal," said the first alert sent to airport operators across India by the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security in January.
A highly competent and respected rider, normally operating in the uncategorised area that separates the superstar from the journeyman, he suddenly - although pleasant to report, not literally - combusted.
Through proprietary processes and the company's WebCatcher feature--by which uncategorised Web sites accessed by customers are sent back to Websense for review--Websense is able to identify spyware servers and block employees from unknowingly sending data to them via back-channel port 80 connections.
More garbage has been written about [Frank Gehry] than any other architect of his generation," Reyner Banham noted in 1987, "but all attempts to push him into any known taxonomy--even postmodernist--tend to leave him uncategorised.
Getting the right visitors is far more important than filling a site with uncategorised, unsupervised browsers.
There followed the second category Col du Cucheron, Col du Granier and Grand Cucheron and, finally, the uncategorised Madeleine.
But he was a genie unwilling to wander his way back into his pigeonhole, so he eventually trespassed on to some uncategorised pages of writing, made friends with a haunted young girl called Iola, who competed for the role of protagonist, and made a novel that's both a battleground and a love story.
Prosecuting barrister Claire Jones said 87,232 images were found, and a further 445,000 remained uncategorised.
6 million tonnes of uncategorised cargo was unloaded during 2013, a 5.