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not castrated

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Uncastrated bulls are territorial and are likely to attack people who venture into their territory.
In the uncastrated steers, the energy reserve is larger than that of cull cows, because cows have a compensatory gain (Moura et al.
Castrated or uncastrated males are acceptable, as are ewes and does.
The death drive corresponds to the uncastrated desire of the subject or in other words the desire for the hypothetic wholeness with the Other.
Selenium levels in the brains of castrated mice were higher than those in uncastrated mice (though not as high as females).
Effects of Eurycoma longifolia Jack on laevator ani muscle in both uncastrated and testosteronestimulated castrated intact male rats.
The meat of uncastrated males is inferior in quality especially as they grow.
Figure 1: Lacan's Attempt to suggest feminine jouissance through the evagination of (-[there exists]x)(-[PHI]x) (1) Paternal Function as the uncastrated which is necessary to uphold the phallic law.
Animals employed in the present investigation were adult uncastrated male sheep (rams).
(19) But this constitutive inclusion brought about by a forced choice has an obscene underside in the agency of the superego, the leftover of the primordial, uncastrated father whose demand of enjoyment mortifies us and reinforces our subjection through his voice: "Although, unlike this dead father, we have submitted to 'castration', his voice persists as an object-remainder in the symbolic fabric, exhorting us to derive enjoyment from the law" (Kay 2003: 171.
"They can be aggressive - particularly uncastrated boars, but also females when they are in season.
Besides, FB are uncastrated animals about four years old and they have a diet consisting on grass, involving an increase in oxidative character and slow fibres content [4,14].
Proof of this is the neologism 'bravu', which comes from the word 'bravio' which refers to the taste and smell of wild game and, in general, of any meat from an uncastrated animal.