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There are competitive shooters or sport shooters, or anyone who uncases an AR-15 for a day at the range.
The uncase we find is because the contemporary novel cannot meet that challenge.
However, public uncase is not limited to some of those places that Immanuel Wallerstein would call "peripheral areas" (8); it is also present within the criticized societies as well.
Whatever the explanation may be for the lack of precise detail, it leaves a sense of uncase.
His wife, who had hitherto accepted his cross-dressing with uncase, was completely unable to accept his proposed transformation into a woman.
Our final goal is too give you -- the hunter and shooter -- a feeling of pride each time you uncase your Winchester.
Careful to scrape away the weeds from around the holes, I then proceeded to uncase the trees from their plastic shipping tubes and set them into the earth.
Global uncase and a sluggish economy may have dampened the industry's enthusiasm for new capital outlays, but they've done little to dull the razor-thin margins by which food companies either thrive or perish.
The tradition I speak of is that of public hunting, of open lands where we are welcome to uncase our bows or guns and tread freely, hunting wild populations of free-ranging game at will, provided that seasons and license requirements are met.
All shooters, whether professional, rookie, or avid sportsmen, need to have a strong sense of confidence when they uncase their shotguns to challenge the field or shooting course.
Those are our maximums; anytime we have our druthers, the guns we uncase for a day afield will weigh even less than that.