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not having carbonation

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The new beverage is uncarbonated, and the company suggests serving it at room temperature in two-ounce servings.
The one in Gresik uses the local technology to produce uncarbonated coal briquette.
Other winners of the competition included Dorion, Ontario-based Simply Natural Canadian Spring Water for best uncarbonated bottled water and Perrier Sparkling Mineral Water, based in Vergeze, France, for best sparkling water.
That result came from a study of air bubbles injected into uncarbonated water containing a dissolved protein, bovine serum albumin.
Grande (1987), "Bacterial Flora in Bottled Uncarbonated Mineral Drinking Water," Canadian J.
92% of the sports drinks market was uncarbonated in 2011 but this share is trending downwards from a high of 96% in 2006.
That cutoff ensures that you're getting more than an uncarbonated diet soft drink with a few tablespoons of juice.
Although not so common anymore, a still, uncarbonated lambic can occasionally be found on draft in a cafe or in bottled form.
Citric acid can adjust the pH of uncarbonated fruit drinks to provide uniform acidity.
This concentrate could be diluted with water in the ratio of 1:3 to 1:4 and the diluted product could be bottled or canned for drinking as a carbonated or uncarbonated beverage.
This includes product for fountain drinks, frozen carbonated and uncarbonated beverages.
And that doesn't include the eight gallons of uncarbonated soda that masquerades as "fruit" drinks.
Samuel Adams Utopias is a strong, rich, dark beer that is uncarbonated and is served at room temperature in a two- ounce pour, to be savored like a vintage port or a fine Cognac.