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Synonyms for unburden

unburden yourself


  • confess
  • come clean about
  • get something off your chest
  • tell all about
  • empty yourself
  • spill your guts about
  • make a clean breast of something
  • cough

Synonyms for unburden

to free from or cast out something objectionable or undesirable

Synonyms for unburden

free or relieve (someone) of a burden

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Supermodel Naomi (left) unburdens herself on Piers Morgan
Protected by their anonymity, the ghosts of guests past unburden themselves of their memories.
Embedded processor for RAID calculation, volume rebuild and numerous interrupt requests related to IO processing to unburden the CPU
Marjorie said: "We offer a confidential and safe environment in which carers from 18 to 80 years old can unburden themselves and share their issues without judgement.
Now it would appear that adults are using the same ploy to unburden themselves of the responsibility of caring for their elderly parents, judging by the recent case of an 82-year-old being left outside Oldchurch Hospital in Essex.
You can unburden your heart and you feel heaps better for having been with that friend.
This is a way to unburden owners from being stuck with these rent reductions and there is no pressure on the tenants.
There are times when we all feel that we need to unburden ourselves to someone else, to share our worries and our anxieties.
Unlike so many of his ideological brethren who have felt the need to unburden themselves on these contentious, if now slightly pass6, subjects, Glynn has taken the time and energy to develop an argument that is internally consistent and grounded in a close and, for the most part, accurate reading of history.
Beginning to unburden their concerns, a procession of shady ancestors begin to emerge.
The Platts unburden themselves at a counselling session, with Sarah blaming David for all their woes.
Andrew Davies, a senior house officer working in oncology in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan, said, 'My big concern is that a right to treat will be become a right to die and patients will feel they will have a duty to unburden their families.
I appeal to the population of Anglesey and also the wider population -those people who have since moved away from the area, to come forward and unburden themselves to the police and to do what they know is right.
Prosecutor Ann Evans told Luton crown court: "He said he wanted to unburden himself and the girl he had attacked to feel better knowing he was in prison.
You've taken a big step already and all you need to do now is unburden your feelings.