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undo the buckle of

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One must always practice unbuckling the seat belt, as they might forget the procedure in panic.
Instead of the traditional seat belt buckle and tongue, there is what they're calling a "webbing catcher," which enables semi-automatic buckling and unbuckling.
His opponent, an older, more seasoned fighter than the others, came to where Nick was unbuckling himself and listening to the master telling him where to improve.
<p>It'd be great if it was somehow only accessible from the backseat (picture a driver unbuckling and hopping in the back during a traffic jam to participate in a WebEx), but if it's going to be car-wide, it might spell trouble.
But Dowie attacked his victim, aged 42, six times with the Chinesemade stun gun, touched her, began unbuckling her belt and pulled down her trouser zip.
"I just want to be a part of your society," the piteous giant calls out to the little people: "I will protect you from us," he promises, but the big man finds no more sign of the little men and women than a little yellow hat, which he puts on "his enormous head." He is a doleful sight to one wary of these "aliens the size of God," yet the owner of the hat holds still with unexpected "pity that kept unbuckling in her heart."
Police believe that the passengers were unbuckling their seat belts at the time and the turbulence threw them out of their seats.
Worse, the scared teen heard the sound of the stranger either buckling or unbuckling the belt of his jeans.
"Sex in the South: Unbuckling the Bible Belt" author Suzi Parker plows into the fertile but cautionary sexual mores of the South where plain brown wrappers hide more than girlie mags.
From the first ball of the day, Graeme Hick had passed 200 with his 22nd four, but minutes later, the captain was unbuckling his pads in the dressing-room.