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undo the buckle of

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She said it would be better to pass a law allowing police to pull over drivers who aren't wearing seat belts, rather than just ticketing those who are caught unbuckled when stopped for something else.
'She unbuckled her seat belt just as I had got out of the car,' she said in the report.
Unbuckled passengers can get ejected through the front, rear or side windows, resulting in death.
"He slid down to the floor, unbuckled his belt and put his hands inside his trousers.
Unbuckled passengers can very easily be ejected through the front, rear or side windows, resulting in fatal consequences, he added.
However, the car broke down on the formation lap at the pit lane entry, forcing the start to be aborted with the cars going around again as the unhappy Spaniard unbuckled himself and stepped out.
her horse into his stall, unbuckled the halter, and hugged the V where
Unbuckled then disappointed over the same course and distance, but probably found the soft going too testing, and bounced back at this course last time.
A BOY'S life was saved when he unbuckled his seatbelt before a 70mph smash which claimed his mother's life.
This could seriously injure or kill an unbuckled child if he/she is sitting too close to the air bag or is thrown towards the dashboard during an emergency and when brakes are applied suddenly".
"I started shouting as he unbuckled his belt," she said,
The automaker is recalling the vehicles because they were shipped with a base radio that may not provide an audible warning if the key is in the ignition when the driver's door is opened, or when the front seat belt is unbuckled.
The five malefic factors inside a car are: Unbuckled seat belts, unbuckled children, incorrect position of the head-rest, an improperly worn seat belt and loose objects in the car that could turn into potential missiles in an untoward incident.
The majority of these (49) were occupants in pickup trucks, and two-thirds of these unbuckled fatalities occurred in nighttime crashes.