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undo the buckle of

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MyBuckleMate not only offers ease of buckling but also provides an important safety measure, allowing kids to buckle and unbuckle themselves (kids need to be able to unbuckle themselves in the event of an accident).
Viktor, 33, a racing car enthusiast who headed the Ukrainian Automobile Association when his father was in power, was not able to unbuckle his seat belt in time to get out, he added.
"I played in the big matches with 100,000 people watching and I was fine with thatbut going up just unbuckle your seatbelt, give the thumbs up to the pilot and jump out - like that's the most normal thing to do.
The second your car hits the water, follow these steps: 1) Unbuckle your seat belt.
Once it has reached sub-orbital space, SpaceShipTwo passengers will be able to view the Earth from portholes next to their seats, or unbuckle their seatbelts and float in zero gravity.
My seat was knocked loose but I was able to unbuckle myself and get two of my daughters out."
With heaps of crusty bread To mop up the tasty soup Then I have to unbuckle my belt And let my full belly droop.
The spacecraft would then separate from the plane and rocket into suborbital space, where as many as six passengers and two crew members could unbuckle themselves and experience weightlessness and an unparalleled view before gliding back to Earth.
"I'm hungry"; "I'm thirsty"; "I dropped my game"; "Can I unbuckle for just a minute so I can reach my headphones?" On and on it goes.
It's more difficult to cut or unbuckle a waist pack versus a purse, and it will protect your wallet, jewelry, checkbook and other small items from theft.
of Boston, the book is described on the company's Web site as an erotically guided adventure through venerable Dixie, where sweaty fingers unbuckle the Bible belt."
Twenty years ago you could unbuckle your seat belt if you wanted, you could smoke indoors if you chose.
Most of the 12 passengers were able to quickly unbuckle their seat belts and escape when the boat capsized about 200 feet from the end of the ride.
When Trejo, 75, and the other Good Samaritan were able to unbuckle the child and free him, the actor says, he realized the boy with special needs was panicking.