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(of hair or clothing) not brushed

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And if their hair is crazy, it's artfully so, not just an unbrushed disaster.
And then, still holding my phone, not yet dressed, uncombed and unbrushed, I would click to check my email.
I use the analogy of unbrushed teeth being like dirty dishes.
The make-up less image, said to be more realistic, showed Barbie has dark circles, unbrushed hair, freckles and braces.
These GASP pants are for the gym and have been manufactured using unbrushed fleece fabric.
50 'Great on fine hair for messy, textured lift, but on thicker hair it looked dull and unbrushed with no volume.
He's wearing a dirty fleece jacket, and I can smell his unbrushed teeth.
Lincoln, whom Hawthorne terms "our head-servant" (47), is depicted with a "rusty black frock-coat and pantaloons, unbrushed, and worn so faithfully that the suit had adapted itself to the curves and angularities of his figure, and had grown to be an outer skin of the man" (511).
He held her in his arms, smoothed her unbrushed hair and said that he thought the rewiring was a good idea.
The normally dapper ballroom expert was caught out in a white dressing gown, matching slippers and unbrushed hair as he dashed after binmen near his home in Dartford, Kent.
If for some reason, she ended up in the emergency room and someone who didn't know you saw that she [has not had her immunizations; has rotten, unbrushed teeth; hasn't been eating good food] they might interpret this as significant neglect and feel they had to report you to protective services.
She gulped orange juice from the carton, then, hair pulled into an unbrushed ponytail, slipped on jeans and a paisley top.
Yes, apparently we're part of the British "new folk scene", and had been asked to attend a group photo session along with lots of people with beards and bohemianly unbrushed hair.
A bunch of nose pickers, with scabbed knees, warts, chapped skin, and unbrushed teeth.