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not marked with a brand


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GST thus adds to the profits of confectioners selling unbranded sweets.
He said the DGCV should listen to the point of view of importers of unbranded garments and find out an amicable solution of the issue.
Thinly packaged unbranded products are widely sold in kirana stores and modern retail stores across cities.
Even though the unbranded vendors do not have a global brand name, they are trying to "differentiate and offer good value for money products.
It all started when the unbranded, local bakery biscuits dominated the market in the late 1990s and in order to get their foot in the door, corporate giants had only two choices: to offer new products that the unbranded sector could not supply and to increase the market size through increase in consumption.
In respect of Customs and Central excise a related proposal that has attracted public attention is the imposition of Central Excise duty on unbranded precious metal jewellery at the rate of one percent.
Traditionally, branded sweeteners have had much greater awareness and positive impression than their unbranded counterparts.
Raja has asked his ministry officials to prepare a detailed note on the issue and suggest measures for its effective implementation at the ground level as World Trade Organisation ( WTO) agreements and rules do not permit such bans on commodities like unbranded mobiles.
27,000 cases of unbranded wine were shipped to allow for local wine stores and shops to create their own custom Christmas brands, generating about US$2.
Luminar said the ban has had a "marginal impact" across its 88 clubs so far, although it added its 41 unbranded venues had fared worse than its 47 branded operations following the legislation.
Luminar, suffering from overcapacity of nightclubs in the UK, is moving to sell off some of its unbranded venues and to rebrand and refurbish others.
Total sales, which include a handful of unbranded pubs currently being sold off, were 10.
Concern about selling strips with the brewing giant's name on them to youngsters has led to Celtic and Rangers bringing out an unbranded range to allow parents to avoid the logo.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-22 August 2002-Dell enters unbranded PC market (C)1994-2002 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
Unbranded and branded generics are among the fastest growing segments within this market.