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having no border


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Note that a word is unbordered if it has no period.
The nondeterministic automaticity of the set [UB.sub.k] of unbordered words over the alphabet [[summation].sub.k] is
In addition, there were several practical advantages: It was much easier in Coreldraw to draw an unbordered line, than a bordered one; thinner lines for roads left more space to accurately depict features within blocks such as temple or government office compounds; complicated intersections, traffic islands, u-turn locations or tight clusters of lanes were much easier to depict accurately with thin lines; and it proved much easier to place the large amount of text necessary for bilingual labelling adjacent and parallel to the thin street lines than to try to bend the names to fit within the course of a broader ribbon.
(28) Thus on a political canvas, in Butler's model repression tellingly consists of the imposition of a limited catalogue of gendered sexualities upon the greater, unbordered continuum of desire, all politically loaded: there can be no neutral structure, for the act of division and nomination, of creating types, she assumes, always already presumes relations of power.
Plants at or near the unbordered edge of plots generally showed the most severe waterlogging injury symptoms, perhaps becaue of high water temperature of the adjacent unshaded flood water.
Digital text hence is infinitely adaptable to different needs and uses, and since it consists of codes that other codes can search, rearrange, and otherwise manipulate, digital text is always open, unbordered, unfinished, and unfinishable, capable of infinite extension.
The contained nation-state with fixed borders replaced the systems of unbordered feudal dominance and vassalage that were common in most of the non-European world.
The unbordered meandering of one incident into another parallels the structure adopted by many of the boys.
through, its going elsewhere, a shiftles continuum moving ever generously over unbordered mountain and forest and town.
The section on Mary Austin's work focuses on its conscious commitment to the influences from Native American culture which inform the "unbordered, plot less art, that motivates The Land of Little Rain (p.
Because these were unbordered plots, we intended to limit the range of maturity within a test.
Genetic correlations between characters measured in unbordered and bordered plots in plant and first ratoon crops are given in Table 2.
Individual plots were unbordered and consisted of two 6.7-m-long rows with a 96-cm-row width.