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Synonyms for unbolted

not firmly fastened or secured

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Advisor to CM on Information Barrister Murtaza Wahab has said that the highest judicial forum SC had unbolted the reality of so called and empty promises of PTI.
'WEST INDIES CRICKET TEAM'S ARRIVAL IN PAKISTAN PROOF OF PEACEFUL SITUATION':Shehbaz said that the arrival of the West Indies cricket team in Pakistan had unbolted the doors of international cricket in Pakistan and hoped that the teams of other countries would also visit Pakistan.
During transport, the unbolted section can then be overlapped and a practical transport width of 3.5m achieved.
The weather agency defines an intensity of lower 6 as strong enough to most heavy and unbolted furniture moves and falls.
By early morning, it was moving through suburban Inglewood, where some light poles were unbolted and turned so their arms wouldn't hit the towering tank.
To get to those gears, the two major parts of the tractor have to be unbolted and separated.
He unbolted the blower and auger from the snowblower, and then mounted a small child's wagon in their place.
Criminal unbolted drive shaft of Toyota Hilux, believed to have been disturbed.
Prosecutor Richard Matthews QC told jurors: "An employee of NEMOC was operating a large crane and was in the process of lowering the cross beam that had been unbolted when it appears the plate girders became unstable.
In a very real sense, the hazards increased as, day by day, the structural integrity of the building was weakened as steel bolts were unbolted and removed."
A toilet I visited in Machynlleth had an assistant to whom you paid 20p, he then unbolted the door.
The exhibition was divided into five parts named Babylon Katutura, Desert Landscape, Definitions of Space, Men are Working in Town and Story Unbolted. It portrayed a rich, layered insight into social and spatial developments in Namibia, and allowed the visitor to get "under the skin" of a country, known to few in the international architectural arena.
The memorial bench was unbolted from the ground and hoisted over a locked gate at Corley Cricket Club, near Coventry.
They unbolted a fence panel to access the site from the Tame Valley canal which runs next to the allotments," he said.
Amazingly every panel could be unbolted from the car.