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Synonyms for unbodied

Synonyms for unbodied

having no body


not having a material body

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It was evident from experimental results that DCO-15,25 and 35 were quantitatively obtained as 93%, 80% and 75%, respectively, concluding that the minimum duration to produce the unbodied DCO in maximum amount was 165 min as in the case of DCO-15.
This observation indicated that acid value was increased with time and higher than the prescribed limits of unbodied DCO.
Different as these artists are, their assemblages of mostly abject materials are predicated on the finicky arrangement of small parts into irregular but integrated topographic wholes; their processes bespeak obsessive repetition purged of angst and a channeling of minor physical labor into oddly diffuse, unbodied, yet handcrafted objects.
The use of alternatives, "Like pictures, or like bookes," also works to undermine the vehicles' solidity: As soules unbodied, bodies uncloth'd must bee To taste whole joyes.
(72.) Lawrence Thornton, Unbodied Hope: Narcissism and the Modern Novel (Lewisburg: Bucknell University Press, 1984), 96.
Vizenor claims that Native cultures have never been without a postmodern condition and adopting a postmodern critical perspective overcomes the social scientific assumption that a written text serves as as translation, an unbodied performance.
The speaker calls the bird "an unbodied joy," a feeling not tied to any substance.
Wordsworth gets to the Hartman of the matter: he has a love of standing amidst the blackening storms, as if image-denying Death were his ghost-writer of unbodied soundings.
"[E]ven then," Jupiter replies, erasing Thetis' "loathsome mask" in which she figures his unwanted penetration, Two mighty spirits, mingling, made a third Mightier than either--which unbodied now Between us floats, felt, although unbeheld, Waiting the incarnation.
There are at least four postmodern conditions in the critical responses to Native American Indian literatures: the first is heard in aural performances; the second condition is unbodied in translations; the third is trickster liberation, the uncertain humor of survivance that denies the obscure maneuvers of manifest manners, tragic transvaluations, and the incoherence of cultural representations; the fourth postmodern condition is narrative chance, the cross causes in language games, consumer simulations, and the histories of postexclave publications.