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Synonyms for unblushing

characterized by or done without shame

Synonyms for unblushing

feeling no shame


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Once, twice, and again in his peroration he repeated his demand, using always--that they might see he was acquainted with their local argot--using always, I say, the word which the Inspector had given him in England long ago--the short, adhesive word which, by itself, surprises even unblushing Ethiopia.
Despicable trickery at elections; under-handed tamperings with public officers; cowardly attacks upon opponents, with scurrilous newspapers for shields, and hired pens for daggers; shameful trucklings to mercenary knaves, whose claim to be considered, is, that every day and week they sow new crops of ruin with their venal types, which are the dragon's teeth of yore, in everything but sharpness; aidings and abettings of every bad inclination in the popular mind, and artful suppressions of all its good influences: such things as these, and in a word, Dishonest Faction in its most depraved and most unblushing form, stared out from every corner of the crowded hall.
The Cambrian newspaper, dated June 3, 1881, observed: "Not only abandoned women, but young girls who have scarcely emerged from childhood parade our streets by day and night in the most unblushing manner.
But the Buhari campaign has found a way to introduce and centralise ethnic and religious bigotry as a campaign issue since a focus on substantive issues would bring the soft underbelly of their dreadful failures and unblushing prevarications into bold relief.
as committeemen in both chambers wrestled with long schedules and with the unblushing and unending demands of lobbies for sugar, iron, wool, glass, marble, and a hundred other trades.
(247) Hamilton's first count in his bill of particulars against the Confederation in The Federalist 15 went directly to this point: "Are there engagements to the performance of which we are held by every tie respectable among men?" (248) Indeed, "[t]hese are the subjects of constant and unblushing violation." (249) Beyond the repeated breaches of the nation's international obligations, the states had violated even the Treaty of Peace with Great Britain, which had secured their independence and ceded territory well beyond what they could have secured by arms.
In addition, I paid serious attention to The Whole History of Grandfather's Chair, finding in it less of an American history for children than an unblushing review and extension of Hawthorne's critique of America's puritanical and violent past.
Gildas, great historians, whose honesty and truthfulness was "fairly well proven" (112), and he also laments that "a writer in our times has started up and invented the most ridiculous fictions concerning them, and with unblushing effrontery, extols them far above the Macedonians and Romans" (113).
The unblushing Sanders, though, brags in Outsider in the White House that he walked right into the jaws of hell to get the compact approved, even working with, pardon the expression, Republicans: "We take it any way we can get it."
"Such are the circumstances of this ostentatious and improbable relation, dictated, as it too plainly appears, by the vanity of the monarch, adorned by the unblushing servility of his flatterers, and received without contradiction by a distant and obsequious senate." Elsewhere, reviewing the fantastic stories told about Richard Fs exploits in the Crusades and summoning up the heroes of Renaissance epics and chivalric romances, Gibbon asks himself: "Am I writing the history of Orlando or Amadis?
"My cabaret character was someone much harder than I am, someone that could go and steal someone's glass of wine and chuck it on them in rage, or someone that could climb over a table, or someone that could just be really daring in a way that no one ever got angry at her--I guess the side of womanhood that you would have always wanted to explore but rarely got the chance to." Interacting with Twigs, it's hard to imagine this unblushing seductress emerging from the same soft-spoken young woman who shyly offers me cupcakes and tea.
Biographer Jeremy Hodges said: "It would seem some unblushing daughter of Venus did Louis a lasting injury ...
This of itself, should damn him in the public mind, and strike his bold, insolent and unblushing head into the dust of public scorn and loathing.
I would not engage in psychological speculation if Lord Black didn't seem to invite it by his unblushing candor.