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not provided with something desirable

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"[I]f we are to be much longer unblessed with an efficient national government, destitute of funds and without public credit, either at home or abroad," New Hampshire Federalist Nicholas Gilman wrote, "I fear we shall become contemptible even in the eyes of savages themselves." (364) A Pennsylvanian Federalist similarly lamented the nation's "weak and shattered government, which brings on us the contempt of every surrounding tribe and the reproach and obloquy of every nation." (365) The outward-looking Federalists thus recognized that American success required impressing Native as well as European nations with strengthened national power.
unblessed soil of cemeteries wherein the Black Death hath reaped his horror" (Morgan 2002: 55).
In the context of this argument, while technology can clearly influence things that already exist to become better or worse, in which case it would be contributing to redemption or to the fall, technology is essentially a manifestation of creation, and an extension of the good of existence into extra-terrestrial matter as yet unblessed by living soul.
As today's (11 August) Guardian/ICM poll shows, most Britons are not going to let the Olympics shift their views on immigration: those Somali-born asylum seekers unblessed by Mo Farah's gifts will not be applauded as they walk into the pub.
According to Strindberg the unblessed larva woman, as a result of her lack of form and self-awareness, can be dangerous to other people;
Amal Abbas, a Cairo-based Research Centre Manager added, "My husband has been dealing with mainstream banks for more than 30 years and all his projects failed because they were funded by unblessed money."
Writing to fellow naturalist Henry Bates in 1868, Darwin said that "The poor infant Pangenesis will expire, unblessed & uncussed by the world, but I have faith in a future & better world for the poor dear child" (cited in Browne, 2002, p.
When I think about religion at all, I feel as if I would like to found an order for those who cannot believe: the Confraternity of the Fatherless one might call it, where on an altar, on which no taper burned, a priest, in whose heart peace had no dwelling, might celebrate with unblessed bread and a chalice empty of wine.
Why is it so difficult for the "civilizing project" owners to stop and reflect, while they sit in lakes of blood among piles of dead bodies, and the land they have destroyed with their unblessed horses stretches away before their eyes?
Unblessed with the thousands that a modern footballer picks up, players of the 1980s and 1990s were deemed keen or plain mad to step into the powder-keg world of the dug-out.
unblessed, to where the sickle descends, la lune grele, imperceptibly
Swinburne makes his identification of Mary and Cybele explicit in his defense of "Dolores" in Notes on Poems and Reviews (1866): "Our Lady of Pain" is "no Virgin, and unblessed of men; no mother of the Gods or God; no Cybele, served by sexless priests or monks, adored of Origen or of Atys; no likeness of her in Dindymus or Loreto" (Swinburne Replies, p.
You know, it's not that you're unblessed if you hear the word of God, but there's a second part of the equation that does it, performs it, owns it, becomes the person we're all called to be.