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Playgoers and readers alike get this impression partly because Vincentio and Isabella occasionally appear to be just as "precise"--albeit in a much less blamable (or even unblamable) way--as Angelo in matters of love, sexuality, and moral conduct.
"The Blessed author of the Christian Religion, not only maintained and supported his gospel in the world for several Hundred Years, without the aid of Civil Power but against all the Powers of the Earth, the Excellent Purity of its Precepts and the unblamable behaviour of its Ministers made its way thro all opposition," one petition declared.
Go to wherever you feel most blissfully unblamable. That is the delightful luxury of the utterly transformed American Jew.
That failing, Smilesburger delivers a slap in the face, a cutting comparison of the Israeli Jew who does without justification or apology what Levantine reality demands--whose scale of violence and duplicity the famous novelist has barely begun to grasp--and the Diaspora Jew who clings to his unblamable politics and unprecedented liberation as he retreats into his studio, where his only reality is himself.