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having or showing no resentment or desire for revenge

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In the brusque but unbitter depiction of such double losses, and of the poignant differences between the love of animals and human beings, Hempel shines.
While the Republicans swarm into town, I'm heading to Film Forum, which is counterprogramming the convention with a work of thoughtfulness, warmth and unbitter irony: Ross McElwee's new documentary, Bright Leaves.
Many household names were sacked or left unhappily in the 90s, but Bates seems surprisingly unbitter. He even refuses to gloat over the hard times the station is currently experiencing.
They fermented this mixture in four vessels with wine yeast, using a different bittering spice in three of the fermenters--Turkish figs, anise and saffron--leaving the last batch unbittered. The final drink was eight percent alcohol by volume.