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Synonyms for unbind

Synonyms for unbind

Antonyms for unbind

untie or unfasten

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To Zu-tag he shouted: "Go for the big bulls while the she unbinds me," and to Bertha Kircher: "Quick!
Bodnant Garden will celebrate this formidable woman's 50-year fight for women's suffrage with 'Unbind the Wing' - an open-air exhibition with installations around the garden which she was fundamental in creating.
A false premise for these trips is that "we" who are more privileged are going to reach out to the disadvantaged to help "them," to unbind "them." It is false because the biblical mandate to unbind one another is a mutual process.
Here, in my presence, it is already the last day." And then, to make tangible the promise he has spoken, Jesus commands Lazarus to come forth from the stench of the tomb and commands those who had gathered to mourn to unbind him and let him go.
Like the sticky stuff on Post-It notes, a new epoxy adhesive can bind and unbind materials repeatedly.
They use lasers to trap and cool (to less than 0.00001 K) a few million neutral xenon atoms, and then illuminate the cloud with a pulse of laser light containing just enough energy to unbind electrons and ions and create the plasma.