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Synonyms for unbent

not bent

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erect in posture

References in classic literature ?
With these words his Corsican brow unbent, and he looked about him in satisfaction.
It was never to the great women of the world that he unbent most thoroughly.
The snow packing the roof lies on snowmelt riding away and orating in the downspouts, every what is unbent and swept along and far below through sudsy tubs and steamy rooms trembling fibers are shushed in the grip of practiced hands.
Earnest at first as he matched his swirling lines with the intricate canons of his other, pre-recorded, selves, he unbent as the cumulative power of the piece took hold, moving around the stage as he exulted in the power chords which appear just before the pulsating conclusion.
of shoes on the court above the crowd's unbent enthusiasm, his
The US attitude in regards to Qaddafi was unbent and clear, stated