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free of moral obligation

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Alan Peter Cayetano, a loose cannon and unbeholden to the Joker and his chest-beating ilk!
Fiscal support has come mostly from philanthropic, business incubation and other sources unbeholden to stakeholders or returns on their investment.
In most Western democracies, national political power has been concentrated in strong political parties, but in the United States, especially in the early to mid-twentieth century, the political parties were weak, creating a vacuum that was filled by organized interest groups unbeholden to the parties.
The paradigmatic example of this attitude is found in the Culamalukya Sutta, where the Buddha warns against the futility of speculating on indeterminate questions and on concerns that he, in his wisdom, left "undeclared." (1) My use of the term thus gives notice that as a critical practice, as a way of looking and thinking, speculative non-buddhism is of necessity disinterested in "what the Buddha said" and unbeholden to Buddhist values.
had to assert its total humanity unbeholden to the oppressor in ideas, in material needs, in culture and inter-pretation of history--in other words, the intellectual tools of analysis must be in the hands of the oppressed-liberator to leverage his own liberatory instincts" (Pityana 2011).
In an interview with Sarah Milroy for Canadian Art, Markonish praised Canada's government grant system, saying it encourages "a more project-based, experimental kind of work rather than market-driven work, which is what the States is mostly after." (15) And, in her exhibition essay, Markonish credits the Canada Council for the Arts and the enduring artist-run centre tradition for creating "an art world unbeholden to traditional market-driven forces." (16) She explains: "here in the United States ...
Zapruder thus struck one of the first blows for a democratic "people's journalism" unbeholden to governments, networks, and newspapers.
Willa's immolation in the fire that destroys not only her, but also her husband and his mansion, opens up the possibility of a female household unbeholden to patriarchy.
Unbeholden to stockholders means the private equity world moves more quickly than the public arena, and benefit managers cited Clark's ability to keep pace.
Charles' crimes were to claim the divinity of kings, unbeholden to common folks, and tried as ambiguously as those such as the Mubarak gang on a charge sheet listing 'tyrant, traitor and murderer.'
Linda Austin identifies in this newly embodied memory a privileging of repetition and iterability over authenticity: "a mnemonic process governed by physiology is unbeholden to a recollected, cognitive past and can generate aesthetic pleasure that thrives, correspondingly, on copies and replicas." (3) Coleridge's responsiveness to print culture and to materialist physiology together make his understanding of poetry and memory stand in sharp contrast to a Wordsworthian poetics of context, association, and recollection: "emotion recollected in tranquility." (4)
As an outsider from Nagpur, he was said to be the most qualified man for the job, unbeholden to any faction and uncorrupted by the dirty intra-party fights that frequently erupted in the Central office.
The relationship between music and program is best construed as "intimate" yet "indirect." The most potent music is the most free, unbridled, and unbeholden to rigid patterns.
Third, having long ago paid the Clintons, Kennedys and all others a political IOU with our votes, Black voters, unbeholden to the past, must now be respected for an increasingly mature level of political independence never before witnessed.