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So was it unbefitting of Liverpool's stature to produce the best performance of all the English teams playing in Europe this week?
Never was a man so unbefitting to represent his country on the world stage, a round shouldered man, unable to bear the burden of office on his shoulders.
A period of suspension will adequately protect the public, will act as a deterrent and will send out a signal to him, the profession and the public about what is regarded as behaviour unbefitting of a registered medical practitioner.
Such act was unbecoming and unbefitting of the man of caliber of Riek Machar.
12 for Iamblichus's attempt to respond to Porphyry's objections that prayer and theurgy were attempts to force the gods to an unbefitting ontological level.
Mr Bhailok, who in 2001 was fined PS10,000 by the Law Society for breaking money rules and found guilty of "conduct unbefitting a solicitor", has transferred ownership of the site to another firm, Freemont (Denbigh) Ltd.
The gripping, incisive theatricality on show here is unbefitting of someone still relatively new to playwriting.
From the point of view of the morality of aspiration, non sportive games are thus seen as an activity not worthy of man's capacities; for this type of morality, gambling is not seen as a violation of a duty, but as a form of human conduct unbefitting with human capacities.
It was most unbefitting of a person who claims to be of his stature.
For example, the discourse of the closing statement towards Iran remained unchanged, and unbefitting of the Gulf complaints against Iranian interference in the affairs of the GCC states.
Like 'pearls before swine,' it refers to a quality unbefitting those who partake of it.
A terrible provocation; images unbefitting of Muslims.
The division between the disparaged poverty of Rolfe's youth and the relative affluence of his adulthood is a fact unbefitting literary treatment.
In its current form the official list--in contrast to its distinguished contents--remains unbefitting one of Canada's great cultural institutions.
51) But this element of sincere aspiration is integrated in a coherent presentation of Sudinna as someone too close to his family and thus easily drawn into acting in a way unbefitting a member of the Buddhist monastic community.