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Such utterances are disgraceful and unbefitting of elder statesmen of their status, irrespective of the forum of their assemblage.
Panel chairman Russell Butland said, "Erasure is the only sufficient sanction which would maintain public confidence in the profession and send a clear message to the profession and the public that Dr Nkomo's misconduct constituted behaviour unbefitting and fundamentally incompatible with that of a registered doctor."
We annoyed Iran authorities as well when on 25th March 2015, Indian spy Kulbhushan Jhadav was arrested near Baluchistan and Pakistani investigators found that the arrested Indian spy was running a terrorist financing and training network that used to operate from Chabahar in Iran and in the visit of president of Iran he was questioned in most unbefitting manners and proper diplomatic norms were not followed to deal with the visiting head of State.
Summary: Islamabad [Pakistan], May 19 (ANI): Former Pakistan Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf on Saturday lambasted Nawaz Sharif's remarks on the 2008 Mumbai attacks, saying that such statements were "unbefitting and anti-Pakistan".
Also the image of ladla as if brought out of books detailing the decline of the Mughal empire is badly unbefitting the mould of the modern reformist leader Imran has chosen to cast himself in.
But the Englishman broadened his criticism to accuse the 28-year-old whistler of showing arrogance and behaving in a manner unbefitting of a top match official in Scotland's Premiership.
Taking strong exception to Modi's remarks, Singhvi said that the remarks and the language used were "totally unbefitting of a prime minister".
Regardless of causes, it is good to see the nation's leading conglomerate finally beginning to break away from the outdated "no unions" policy unbefitting of an industry leader.
Germany must also tackle its large savings surplus, which is unbefitting Europe's largest economy.
Then, plagued by reliability issues unbefitting a team of Ferrari's stature, he started last and finished fourth at the Malaysian GP.
With an entry into club folklore his for the taking the Spaniard ballooned his effort into the Tilton Road with a finish most unbefitting the club's record signing.
Producing an entire curriculum of dull slideshow video would be a demoralizing, demeaning drudgery unbefitting a creative teaching professional.
The reason being it apparently became "too vicious" and therefore unbefitting to a member of the Royal family.
Yet, when President Obama referred to Donald Trump as a "homegrown demagogue" at the DNC, Pence responded the next day (https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2016/07/29/mike-pence-says-name-calling-has-no-place-in-politics-as-trump-attacks-crooked-hillary/) in a radio interview  calling Obama's remarks unbefitting of his office. 
The Syndicate stressed that the video's sexually-suggestive nature and obscene lyrics are unbefitting of the level of the Tunisian song.