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not firmly fastened or secured

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In February this year, a judge delivered a withering rebuke after being told knifepoint robber Jamie Subryan simply climbed out of an unbarred window.
"People often don't realize that a product can be smart and work well, and still fail when it hits the marketplace," notes Mayur Ramgir, president and CEO of software development firm Zonopact Inc., Boston, Mass., and author of Unbarred Innovation: A Pathway to Greatest Discoveries.
Thoroughly intimidated, the students unbarred their portal and the mob streamed it.
Jax Summer Fest 2016 will kick off on Friday, August 12 at Level 7 Event Center on University Blvd where Jacksonville-based fashion designer Angelica Scurry will host "Fashion Unbarred," a unique event that will showcase two of her clothing lines along with some of north Florida's most talented visual artists as well as an eclectic, multi-genre collection of some of the city's homegrown musical talent, including alternative rock/hip hop band askmeificare, pop/gospel singer William Lavant, neo-soul singer Antoniyo Greenwood, local reality cable TV stars BOAT (rapper) and Jermeka Monae (R&B singer), and guitarist/singer Jaimz Mallett amongst others.
The Voting Rights Act of 1965 overcame these obstacles, providing an unbarred ability to vote.
The former relates to items such as tightness of bends, type of bend--for instance mitre bends--diameter variations, installations that need to be passed, such as wyes or unbarred T-pieces.
When darkness came, the Indians gave the signal, the women unbarred the gate and the Indians seized the defenseless women and children.
A JAILBREAK attempt through an open, unbarred prison window yesterday earned extra prison time for three inmates serving indefinite sentences.
Erica Harper, said this yearaACAOs Forum was "providing an opportunity for unlikely partners to come together to frankly discuss our most pressing development problems, unbarred by politics or organizational mandates."
the centers in us unbarred, bared to rubbing, raising
2) For a horizontal edge for unbarred nonzero i from (j, i) to (j + 1, i), the weight is [s.sub.i][x.sub.i].
This means that Lacan is claiming that psychoanalysis constitutes an improvement on mysticism to the extent that psychoanalytic theory possesses the conceptual tools to articulate this ek-static experience as feminine jouissance of the symbolic, or the barred Other, rather than as an experience of the unbarred Other, or God [e.g., as S([empty set]) rather than S(O)].
Sure enough, on the third week of its AWOL, the dratted chicken flapped through the only unbarred window of my house.
He said that similarly EU unbarred Pakistan from its six year ban, allowing it to resume seafood trade with its 27-nation bloc.