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Synonyms for unbaptized

not having undergone the Christian ritual of baptism

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I want to get unbaptized because in IAMISM, we believe that man was born with Original Goodness, not with Original Sin which is just based on the allegorical story of Adam and Eve.
A place was theorized that was located on the extreme and superior edge of Hell that contained the souls of unbaptized infants (Limbus puerorum).
While I do not think acceptance of Maritain's theory requires agreement with him on the actual existence of a limbo for unbaptized infants (i.
Teens will bump into the familiar ghosts, vampires, and werewolves, lesser-knowns like harpies and krakens, and unfamiliar monstrosities like the Trinidadian douen (the half-faced embodiment of the soul of an unbaptized child) or the animistic Maori wairua.
He does not provide statistics for unbaptized enlistments or dearly differentiate between those who chose noncombatant or fighting roles.
The second point of nonconvergence is that "The United Methodist Church has informally developed in some places 'open communion' that on certain occasions allows communion of unbaptized persons.
Before going any further, I want to dwell for a moment on the issue of the unbaptized child, because this question contains important insights.
5 million strong (counting baptized and unbaptized adherents), the Myanmar Baptist Convention is the country's largest Christian denomination, comprising 4,722 local congregations served by 9,116 ministers in eighteen member conventions and two affiliated churches.
said he, "it is very long to wait, and I am so weak; if I die unbaptized, I shall not go to Heaven.
He'd never made love to his wife's unbaptized body, so
Outlying pockets of infidelity remained, however, and in 1502, under Ximenes's spell, the sovereigns decreed that all unbaptized Moors must leave the country.
If you believe in a God who burns the unbaptized, I understand your need to protect your granddaughter from him.
Dante places the unbaptized and virtuous pagans in Limbo.
To decide that the Romanish apostasy is not the true Church of Christ, is to decide that all her ordinances are invalid, and consequently that all Protestant societies are bodies of unbaptized persons, and therefore not churches of Christ, and all Protestant ministers are both unbaptized and unordained, and consequently unauthorized either to preach, or administer the ordinances.