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Synonyms for unbaptized

not having undergone the Christian ritual of baptism

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The census return says only udobt gut, unbaptized boy.
Elsie Clews Parsons reported in 1945 that "[a]n infant (or anyone) dying unbaptized is called auca .
Sullivan notes, "Prior to this date it had been the custom to celebrate a Mass of the Angels for the funeral of a baptized child, but no Mass at all for an unbaptized child, who would not be buried in consecrated ground."
And if, as Leithart puts it, Constantine was involved in "baptizing Rome," he was doing the baptizing as an unbaptized person.
Published under the title Propagation of the Gospel in the East in 1709, 1711, and 1718, sets of these reports served to generate support from the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge (SPCK), a private and nonclerical agency founded in 1698 to increase Christian education and literature in Anglican domains among unbaptized natives in America and the West Indies.
I have not noticed a stampede of the unbaptized charging up to our communion rails eager to partake--indeed, I have not noticed many new people venturing through the narthex door in most of our parishes.
However, the Church has not continued to hold with Augustine that infants who die unbaptized are condemned to hell where they must suffer what he described as "the mildest punishment." (1)
Tess cannot bear to think, as she has been taught to expect, that her unbaptized child will suffer the torments of hell, and so she gathers her siblings and baptizes the child herself, choosing for him a name from the Bible: "Sorrow".
The 1970 Motu proprio "Matrimonia mixta" is the first official document that is most explicit in that regard: Neither in doctrine nor in law does the Church place on the same level a marriage between a Catholic and a baptized non-Catholic, and one between a Catholic and an unbaptized person for, as the Second Vatican Council declared, men who, though they are not Catholics, "believe in Christ and have been properly baptized are brought into a certain, though imperfect, communion with the Catholic Church." (16)
But as our understanding of God's mercy grew, limbo came into question because it seemed petty for God to condemn unbaptized infants to something less than the fullness of heaven.
If the unbaptized child should die, may God have mercy on the one who refused it.
The unbaptized infant was no longer liminal, that is, held at the literal and spiritual threshold until sacramentally cleansed.
Perhaps the 'infidel' Indians are simply standing in for their unbaptized brethren, or perhaps their very participation in the Spanish performance marks the success of the Conquista" (1).
Faith can and does happen in the unbaptized through their reading the Scriptures or hearing them proclaimed by public preaching or personal witness to the gospel.
* Believing but unbaptized "Christians" involving themselves in congregational activities;