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not having undergone the Christian ritual of baptism

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While I do not think acceptance of Maritain's theory requires agreement with him on the actual existence of a limbo for unbaptized infants (i.
Sullivan notes, "Prior to this date it had been the custom to celebrate a Mass of the Angels for the funeral of a baptized child, but no Mass at all for an unbaptized child, who would not be buried in consecrated ground.
In 2009 the Theology Committee of the House of Bishops of the Episcopal Church reaffirmed that "the canon with regard to baptism and communion is quite clear: 'No unbaptized person shall be eligible to receive Holy Communion.
If you believe in a God who burns the unbaptized, I understand your need to protect your granddaughter from him.
They are the unwashed, the uncircumcised, the unbaptized, the unfit .
In other contexts, some churches publicly report children and unbaptized members.
So, rather than using tasteless cartoons, inflammatory language such as "unwashed," "stampede of the unbaptized to the communion rails" or "revisiomst"[Sept.
Many of Columbus's readers have commented on his allusions to gold, spices, and the many unbaptized human subjects.
Remember John McCain, who identified for a long-time as an Episcopalian, claiming in 2007, though unbaptized, to be a Baptist so that the right-wing religious base could lose their doubts about his religious credentials?
They have sent their children to the right schools and to worldview boot camp, but they have left them unbaptized, uncatechized, unaccountable, and unhabituated to regular public worship.
The political force of the funeral orations is relatively straightforward: Valentinian's union with his brother Gratian in the afterlife is not merely a matter of affection, but is the final part of Ambrose's argument that Valentinian, although he was unbaptized at the time of his death, should nonetheless be considered worthy of heaven.
We do not speak, both knowing what won't sustain when clouds roar in like trouble, the trillium inching toward water, fluttering like the unbaptized lost, or the ghost pages of an unwritten book.
190) In preparing for a conference to honor the legacy of Stringfellow, Pearce came across Stringfellow's 1963 remarks at a conference on religion and race where, in speaking about unity among men, Stringfellow insisted "[t]he issue is baptism"--a remark which participants found offensive as suggesting that Jewish colleagues, as the unbaptized, were outsiders.
He had a daughter there, self-aborted long before her time, unbaptized, a pure innocent.
I prefer to read the Bible for myself, to think for myself--to draw whatever conclusions seem right to me based on whatever I've read; I want to find out the good news for myself, not have some priest like a laryngitic countertenor teaching me God knows what kind of nonsense, underestimating my intelligence, repeating ridiculous fabrications about how the Pentateuch commands us to remain chaste, and how unbaptized saintly men end up in a kind of limbo, and all sorts of other lies handed down from the Councils of This or That, because I've read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and never seen any of that crap in it.