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not identified with a band


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In many reference sources and field guides it is implied (and sometimes stated) that unbanded juveniles are the typical or more common form (e.g.
BAND 1 Alder Hey Children''s NHS Foundation Trust (same) BAND 4 Liverpool Heart and Chest NHS Foundation Trust (was band 6) Southport and Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust (same) Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (was band 6) BAND 5 Warrington and Halton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (was band 4) St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust (was band 3) BAND 6 Liverpool Women''s NHS Foundation Trust (was band 3) The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre NHS Foundation Trust (same) The Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust (same) Unbanded as recently inspected Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust Aintree University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Locality: Masca, Rio Masca: Piedra Cocha, 5 [male], 3 [female] (all captured and released, unbanded).
CUTLINE: Kara Pichierri,10, of Grafton, is curious, but notices that one claw is unbanded and this is about as close as she wants to get to a couple of 10-pound-plus lobsters at A.
In a swim test in a tank, an Adelie penguin wearing a band expended 24 percent more energy than an unbanded penguin.
The cigars are: Casa Torano Natural, a custom-rolled, unbanded cigar with Ecuadorian-grown, Connecticut shade wrapper and a blend of Honduran, Nicaraguan and special family-grown tobaccos; Casa Torano Maduro, with a naturally fermented Connecticut broadleaf wrapper with a Nicaraguan/Dominican blend; the 1916 Cameroon, a medium-bodied cigar with a Cameroon wrapper surrounding a Honduran/Dominican filler and binder; and Virtuoso, a sun-grown wrapper with Nicaraguan, Honduran and Panamanian tobaccos.
(157) Given the expense of providing unbanded network elements to competitors, the ILECs aggressively litigated the scope of their responsibility under the 1996 Act.
* Unbanded: pigment coarse, granular, and fairly even distribution
This is because scoring of unbanded chromosomes in metaphase preparations to detect aberrations is labor intensive and prone to technical artifacts.
The Lake Erie water snake is also polymorphic, ranging from banded to unbanded (uniform) gray coloration.
The 7-d germination of caryopses banded with an artificial fruit case was significantly lower (P < 0.01) than the unbanded control.
The district court, applying the functional economics test, found the unbanded and unstrapped stacks of tin ingots were packages within the meaning of section 1304(5).
Products utilize high-pressure laminates, as well as rotary and flat sliced veneer, lumber core, banded and unbanded particleboard, fiberboard, hardboard and honeycomb.
First-time breeders were defined as unbanded birds or banded natal recruits (L.