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Synonyms for unbalance

to make insane

serious mental illness or disorder impairing a person's capacity to function normally and safely

Synonyms for unbalance

a lack of balance or state of disequilibrium

a state of mental disturbance and disorientation

throw out of balance or equilibrium

derange mentally, throw out of mental balance


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The Separating Method of Unbalancing Vibration Signal
Different harmonic signals represent different exciting factors, and the unbalancing vibration signal belongs to the fundamental frequency component confused in the total vibration signal of crankshaft system.
When four radial positions of nut 3 are adjusted properly, the unbalancing vector of the crankshaft system can be adjusted in 360[degrees].
If equivalent unbalancing vector of crankshaft system is assumed as [[??].sub.x] = [U.sub.x] [angle][[alpha].sub.x] and the radial equivalent unbalance vectors at 0[degrees], 90[degrees], 180[degrees], and 270[degrees] of flywheel are set as [mathematical expression not reproducible], (15) can be got based on vector synthesis and mechanism balance principle.
(2) Adjust the equivalent unbalancing vector of the correcting mechanism as [??] = U[angle][alpha] and the synthetic unbalancing vector of the crankshaft system and correcting vector is assumed as [[??].sub.1] = [U.sub.1][angle][[alpha].sub.1].
Based on the calculated results, adjust the equivalent correcting vector of the adjustment mechanism equal to [-[??].sub.x] = -[U.sub.x][angle][[alpha].sub.x], and then the unbalancing vector of crankshaft system can be corrected.
The suitable correcting mechanism should be designed for trial-weight test and unbalancing adjustment.
Adjust the synthetic unbalancing vector of correcting mechanism equal to zero, and test the actual phase and amplitude values of crankshaft system vibration, and then the correcting vector can be calculated through the influence coefficient method.
The synthetic unbalancing vector of correcting mechanism should be adjusted equal to the correcting vector.
The idea of unbalancing the magnets was first proposed in 1986.