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not perplexed by conflicting situations or statements


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On the main flow features and instabilities in an unbaffled vessel agitated with an eccentrically located impeller, Chemical Engineering Science 63: 4494-4505.
Stitt, "Mixing in Unbaffled High-Throughput Experimentation Reactors," Ind.
Production of 6-pentyl-a-pyrone by Trichoder ma harzianum cultured in unbaffled and baffled shake flasks.
Rao and Kumar (2007) studied the aeration experiments were conducted in different sized baffled and unbaffled circular surface aeration tanks to study their relative performance on oxygen transfer process while aerating the same volume of water.
On closer scrutiny, there are indeed elements which undercut this triumphant vision: Shall I be alive that morning the scaffold Is broken away, and the long-pent fire, Like the golden hope of the world, unbaffled Springs from its sleep, and up goes the spire While "God and the People" plain for its motto, Thence the new tricolour flaps at the sky?
However, a vertical, radial flow impeller in an unbaffled vessel cannot provide high intensity mixing.
Examples of typical sound leaks include unbaffled return air grills, back-to-backelectrical boxes, non-gasketed partitions at ceiling/floor intersections, ineffective door seals, and air leaks around light fixtures and at the ceiling tile/grid interface.
This design achieves the required disinfection CT time with less than half the volume of an unbaffled tank.
"Tankers can put a hell of a load on an engine because we run unbaffled tankers," he added.
CFX was chosen because its sliding-grid facility allows accurate simulation of baffle-impeller interactions, while its rotating coordinates option is useful for unbaffled mixers, such as helical impellers.
Table 1 presents the first four normalized antisymmetric/symmetric sloshing frequencies ([[omega].sup.2] [r.sub.2]/g) of the horizontal circular tanks with eccentric tube, for the limiting case of a nearly unbaffled ([r.sub.1] / [r.sub.2] = 0) constant outer radius vessel ([r.sub.2] = 1 m), with the aim of matching the results calculated by the first three columns of levels [14] for the sloshing frequencies in a partially filled (unbaffled) circular tank at selected liquid fill level (d/c = 1).
Osman and Varley [46] measured mixing time in an unbaffled vessel with a Rushton turbine using the moving reference frame (MRF) approach and Jaworski et al.
(1988) observed a two-step process in unbaffled tanks.