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I date my first serious determination to throw over the medical profession at the earliest convenient opportunity, from the second season's series of dinners at which my aspirations, as a rising physician, unavoidably and regularly condemned me to be present.
Thus, and unavoidably, at the very beginning, out of this segregation arose caste.
It had always been to me a subject of regret, that we were unavoidably compelled to give up the ascent of the S.
They had come together unavoidably, like two ships becalmed near each other, and lay rubbing sides at last.
Thus you are often driven by necessity itself into a state of shame and misery, which unavoidably ends in the destruction of both body and soul.
She looked cut to the heart on that occasion; and now, as ill-luck would have it, she had been unavoidably stung again, poor soul, on the tender place.
He was so far from pessimism that he saw already the end of all private property coming along logically, unavoidably, by the mere development of its inherent viciousness.
He stopped, thinking over the form of his confession, and found it suddenly, unavoidably suggested by the fateful evening of his life.
Blows were struck with the lance, the sand was scattered in the air, and the shocks often seemed to be unavoidably fatal; but still each party kept his seat, and still each rein was managed with a steady hand.
A humble machine, familiar to the conspirators and called by the expressive name of Stretcher, being unavoidably sent for, he was rendered a harmless bundle of torn rags by being strapped down upon it, with voice and consciousness gone out of him, and life fast going.
Which means unless I manage to make it to 140, I am unavoidably middle aged.
Mark is unavoidably delayed and knowing his wife is independent and would explore Cairo alone, he sends his friend Tareq to escort her through the city.
If it had not been for a man reaching out to steady me, I would have unavoidably jabbed my foot on the animal with what results I dread to think.
She's separated from the Doctor who's unavoidably trapped elsewhere, and meets a menace which exists beyond human perception.
Russia has repeatedly noted that if Kyiv fulfils all the requirements the agreement specifies, the fact will unavoidably negatively affect trade and investment cooperation in the Eurasian region, stressed Vladimir Putin.