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for which vengeance has not been taken


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But the ripped body of a young Nazi showed that he had not died unavenged.
From the oral traditions of the Song of Roland, stating that God will not allow a death of solider of Charlemagne be unavenged, to more popular works such as the Hunchback of Notre Dame, "One Hundred Great French Books" is a treasure trove of information about the best of French literature, a fine addition to literary studies collections.
The Yorkshiremen, down 18-8, were in no mind to let Wigan's 31-30 comeback in the same fixture last season go unavenged.
But there was no knowing whether it was a shout of anger for a dead woman unavenged, or a shout of joy for a grey-headed man sitting between two policemen in the back of a motor car, driving towards freedom with his own memories'.
Shortly after his pub-owner dad is killed in a car accident, Philip Noble is visited by his ghost, now a member of the Dead Father's Club, an otherworldly paternal organization for unavenged murder victims.
Alas so many burnings, such loss the head of Fiach who never refused peace the sheltering rampart of the learned going unavenged among the Saxon horde.
Foul deeds that took place a century or so in the past go unavenged upon later generations.
I would like anybody who saw this, anybody, to call the police station so that my brother's death won't go unavenged.
But the ripped body of a young Nazi a few yards away showed that he had not died unavenged.
But he will also be lionised for never letting a defeat go unavenged.
Guests might remind their hosts of past unavenged killings, and hosts could reciprocate by burning guest dancers with torches (as subsequently described by Schieffelin in his 1976 monograph on the Kaluli).
As his wife's protector, Beauchamp contended, such a slander could not go unavenged.
The deaths in New York and Washington will not go unavenged.
Thesiphone will not leave unavenged Her palace hemmed by heaven and gods that share her realm.
disposed like Gunnar who lay beautiful inside his burial mound, though dead by violence and unavenged.