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the quality of not being available when needed

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Because of unavailability of child psychiatrists parents visit spiritual healers.
Medical Superintendent, Lyari General Hospital, Dr Muhammad Aslam Pechuho, while talking to PPI, said the OT services were suspended in the healthcare facility for a couple days due to unavailability of water as water pump motor had developed fault owing to short-circuit.
She told the court that unavailability of the ombudsperson had deprived her of her right to be treated in accordance with the law and have access to justice under Articles 4 and 9 of the Constitution, 1973.
A resident of Sultan colony, Malik Mehmood said that gas unavailability was creating problems for the people.
New Delhi [India], August 17 ( ANI ): Amid the ongoing controversy over the tragic death of children at Gorakhpur's BRD Medical College's hospital, the Samajwadi Party on Thursday said that there is possibility that the collector may have been pressurised to say otherwise as everyone knows that the children died due unavailability of oxygen.
Like other Districts Haripur Village Council and Neighborhood members also complaint about the unavailability of funds and tied their shoulders with black bandage as a protest.
This consultation involves the receiving and sorting selective collection from the territory of Calitom in case of unavailability of pole valuation Mornac (Charente) delivery.
Citizens Welfare Society, Jang, civil society members and locals have protested against the unavailability of furniture and other basic facilities.
ISLAMABAD, July 12 -- The H-9 weekly bazaar of the federal capital continues to face the problem of unavailability of electricity, resulting in problems for the stallholders and customers.
6, which creates a new hearsay exception when evidence is offered against a party that has killed the declarant "intending to procure the unavailability of the declarant as a witness in a criminal or civil proceeding.
Southern California residents were asked to conserve energy because of the combination of heat and the unavailability of several power plants.
According to the court, the unavailability of citation release was due to unintended technological failures, and there was no evidence that the arrestees were treated differently than other groups of arrestees regarding the availability of a post and trial release option.
In today's Web-based environment, the impact of information unavailability reaches far beyond internal users--impacting revenue generation, just-in-time (JIT) supplier delivery, and partner performance.
Aimed at providing relief to builder members throughout the state who have faced liability insurance unavailability in addition to skyrocketing costs, this move would allow builders to take the issue of insurance out of the traditional marketplace, which has grown increasingly unstable.
Because the use of 0CBOA financial statements is prevalent in state and local governments, the profession needs to close the gap between the use of an OCBOA and the unavailability of reference materials and guidance.