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the quality of not being available when needed

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He said two teams of the health department had mentioned in their reports that there was no causality due to unavailability of oxygen but was due to premature birth and extreme less in weight.
On Monday the campaign could not be started in several union councils due to the administrative indiscipline and unavailability of security to the volunteer teams.
This consultation involves the receiving and sorting selective collection from the territory of Calitom in case of unavailability of pole valuation Mornac (Charente) delivery.
Citizens Welfare Society, Jang, civil society members and locals have protested against the unavailability of furniture and other basic facilities.
The H-9 bazaar, which was set up in 2008, comprises 2700 stalls, but due to unavailability of electricity the customers start returning to their houses before the sunset.
First, the proponent of the statement must demonstrate that "the adverse party murdered the declarant and that the murder was intended to cause the unavailability of the declarant as a witness.
Upgrades, even within families of products, often require service expertise and data regeneration with consequent planned unavailability.
Because the use of 0CBOA financial statements is prevalent in state and local governments, the profession needs to close the gap between the use of an OCBOA and the unavailability of reference materials and guidance.
DESPITE the unavailability of three key players the Eels were in an optimistic mood prior to matches against unbeaten Haughton (Darlington)and City of Preston.
We are seriously concerned that many frail, elderly Americans are losing access to vitally important long-term care services due to the unavailability of medical liability insurance for our members.
The company cited the unavailability of retrocessional coverage in its decision not to write any new business for 2002.
Accordingly, the Tax Court concluded that Thor did not apply and "the general unavailability of a deduction for reserves is inapposite.
The unavailability of new technology, especially in lab equipment and secondary operations, have retarded the development of new plastics applications.
In addition, adverse weather conditions can hinder or delay operations, as can shortages of equipment and materials or unavailability of drilling, completion, and/or work-over rigs.
BAJAUR -- The health department has postponed the scheduled three-day anti polio campaign in the agency due to incomplete arrangements and unavailability of vaccines, sources of the local health department told.