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Synonyms for unauthorized

Synonyms for unauthorized

not endowed with authority

without official authorization

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A person who in any manner assists directly or indirectly in the procurement of the unauthorized insurance contract could be held strictly liable to the insured for the full amount of a claim or loss under the terms of the contract if the unauthorized insurer fails to pay the claim or loss.
Due to that, the Moscow police warned about the inadmissibility of calls for unauthorized events, stressing that attempts to hold unauthorized public events and any provocations would be regarded as a threat to public order and would be quelled immediately.
The cumulative impact of increased border enforcement, combined with tougher interior enforcement and demographic and economic changes in Mexico, has been a drop in unauthorized immigration.
Pew found that the decline of unauthorized immigrants meant that 'their share of the total U.S.
Breaking up the 12 offenders, six players that have used the unauthorized program in professional games as well as public games will receive a three-year suspension.
The chief justice remarked some people and organizations have reservations regarding withdrawal of unauthorized persons, adding that those who genuinely face life threats should be provided security.
It is also possible that E-Verify laws lead to greater churn in labor markets as employers hire unauthorized workers and then have to fire them after they fail the eligibility check.
Commissioner Rawalpindi Division / Director General (DG) RDA Talat Mahmood Gondal has directed the Building Control Wing to take strict action against illegal / unauthorized commercial and residential construction activities and encroachments without any fear or favour
The original account analysis reviewed 93.5 million current and former customer accounts opened in an approximately four and half year time period -- from May 2011 through mid-2015 -- and identified approximately 2.1 million potentially unauthorized accounts.
Summary: Mumbai [India], July 6 (ANI): The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on Thursday issued a circular to banks across the country to ensure protection of their customers from unauthorized and fraudulent electronic banking transactions.
There were 11.1 million unauthorized immigrants in the U.S.
The United States has a stable and increasingly settled population of 11 million unauthorized foreigners, accounting for perhaps half of the unauthorized foreigners in industrial countries.
California has some of the highest numbers of unauthorized populations in its state, according to the Migration Policy Institute.
The meeting which was held on the directives of Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa decided to start a crack down on all illegal and unauthorized bus stands (Addas), Fruit and Vegetable markets and cattle markets (Mandies) and consequently closing them within 15 days throughout the province.