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Synonyms for unauthorised

not endowed with authority

without official authorization

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Research from budgeting account provider Thinkmoney shows that more than half of those who have paid bank charges have been pushed into an unauthorised overdraft as a result.
Unauthorised overdrafts are expensive - with those who drop in to them ending up shouldering the burden of bank account charges.
On Thursday, the North Delhi Municipal Corporation tabled the first layout plan of an unauthorised colony -- Bhagwan Park colony in Burari -- in its jurisdiction.
NDMC officials say the layout plans for four more unauthorised colonies -- Uttaranchal Enclave, Hardev Nagar, Chandan Vihar and Parvatianchal C- Block -- are ready and will be tabled at the NDMC's standing committee meetings over the next 10 days.
28% of sessions were lost due to unauthorised absence compared with 1.
58% of sessions were lost to unauthorised absence and 6.
said a combination of high interest rates and additional charges made unauthorised overdrafts a 'real money spinner' for banks, but despite this three out of five current account customers had no idea what they would be charged if they went over their agreed limit.
NatWest had the highest unauthorised overdraft rate of 33.
It said NatWest had the highest unauthorised overdraft rate of 33.
The group is calling on all banks to follow the lead of Alliance & Leicester and HSBC, which now charge the same rate for both authorised and unauthorised overdrafts of 6.
First to gain a comprehensive view of the current state of digital entertainment, music, video and video game downloads on the internet, taking account of both legal and unauthorised downloads enabled by P2P software, with particular focus on usage in terms of what content is being downloaded and which applications are being used.
Use of P2P applications on legal and unauthorised download sites
Using our innovative security solutions and the thin clients from IGEL, companies, such as banks and insurance corporations, can protect themselves against unauthorised access.
Under the agreement, My Web has paid the court costs, apologised to the plaintiffs and taken down its hyperlinks to unauthorised MP3 files.
Jeannette Weng, Manager of the Beijing Office said the litigation had achieved its aim of raising public, industry and government awareness of the rampant unauthorised uses of sound recordings in the online environment.