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intended to deceive

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The result is that we have numerous anthologies, and encyclopedic biographical studies of Hadith reporters, to ensure that we can distinguish what is authentic of Hadiths attributed to the Prophet and what is unauthentic.
An unauthentic action, indeed, is never a good action.
Senior Journalist Mazhar Abbas said that media must not broadcast unauthentic news; unfortunately, broadcasting unauthentic news has become a regular feature of today's media.
The accused denied the charges but a forensic test showed that the stamp (attributed to the Lebanese University, Qatar's embassy in Beirut and Lebanon's foreign ministry) was scanned and unauthentic and he was convicted accordingly.
According to unauthentic information about 20 per cent of the UAE population is diabetic and another 20 per cent is susceptible to contracting the disease.
However Katie was left red-faced when Zara's spokesman denied all the claims, by revealing that they are unauthentic.
'This highly unauthentic report upset the market as people started buying whereas sellers disappeared.
Speaking in a private news channel programme, he said the report of JIT was apparently biased , unauthentic and inconclusive.
Marcos's camp claimed that 'every day of delay' would benefit Robredo, whom they described as the 'unauthentic occupant of the office discharging fake public service based on [a] pretentious program of governance whose real objective is to oust President Duterte no less.'
Justice Jawwad remarked " these news are not unauthentic also.
According to a report from (http://radaronline.com/exclusives/2013/06/storage-wars-cast-member-films-goodbye/) Radar Online , Weiss has already filmed a secret farewell episode following allegations that the show is unauthentic.
Faisal Al Bannai, Chief Executive Officer of Dubai-based mobile phone retailer Axiom Telecom said that counterfeit, unauthentic or otherwise compromised devices deprive people of true quality and can even put their health in potential danger.
A forensic test showed that the stamp attributed to the Qatar's embassy in Manila was unauthentic.
'Fake and unauthentic news is becoming a common practice and a serious problem.
Chief election commissioner told Danial Aziz that his reply was unauthentic. Aziz informed court that he wanted to travel abroad upon which ECP suspended hearing against him till July 17.