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intended to deceive

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That may be partly the result of a feeling of unease related to what some might suspect is an unauthentic dimension of the community.
Additionally, to believe a Pakistani reporter like Hamir Mir who is not credible, whose reports during the Kargil war were found to be unauthentic.
Several reasons like mismanagement, inefficient administrative personnel and poor facilities could bring about a drop in the number of the passengers in airlines but in case of PIA, its image was distorted solely by the media through its unauthentic and sensational reporting.
com/exclusives/2013/06/storage-wars-cast-member-films-goodbye/) Radar Online , Weiss has already filmed a secret farewell episode following allegations that the show is unauthentic.
Faisal Al Bannai, Chief Executive Officer of Dubai-based mobile phone retailer Axiom Telecom said that counterfeit, unauthentic or otherwise compromised devices deprive people of true quality and can even put their health in potential danger.
Based on some unauthentic reports, rumours had started doing the rounds from last week that the Sultanate would be hit by a cyclone by the end of the first week of June due to the formation of a "strong low pressure" in the Arabian Sea.
The newspaper also published, with malicious intent, news and photographs on recent security developments, which were unauthentic, fabricated and misleading, directly targeting Bahrain's security and stability, according to the report.
I actually started out with [another group] and learned some unauthentic things about the hobby which I've been trying to correct the more I stay in the hobby.
Abdulrazag Al-Marouni, the head of Abyan Province Security, told the Ministry of Defense website that what has been reported is unauthentic and misleading, and that Yemen's security services are still pursuing Al-Shihri and other terrorists.
My wife felt the same as she went for the vegetarian curry option, both of us plumping for a rice/chips mix that is as tempting as it is unauthentic.
The representatives of Ata Jurt party could not prove that the publicized video recording was unauthentic.
But to try and be a bluesman like his hero would have been unauthentic.
According to unauthentic information about 20 per cent of the UAE population is diabetic and another 20 per cent is susceptible to contracting the disease.
The father and sons in this play portray fake anger and unauthentic love.
As the Court's recent ruling confirms, KDE's decision was due to The Upper Deck Company's involvement in printing unauthentic Yu-Gi-Oh