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in an unattractive manner

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The Old Model, the first 21,000 assembled, featured a straight, un-tapered barrel and a rather unattractively shaped trigger guard.
Indeed one of our most common yet unrecognized and under-appreciated birds is the unattractively named Common Bulbul.
While having to become unattractively plain, change habits to be more modest and frugal, and contend with a lack of freedom and financial means are far from ideal, most wives consider these changes a short-term setback and a necessary compromise in order to gain legitimacy in the community as the obedient daughter-in-law whose main focus is on the family.
After all, we cannot doubt Charlotte's fidelity without casting Charles as unattractively stubborn.
It accepts the argument that all conduct, private or otherwise, effectively constitutes "state action" as being "unattractively totalitarian in its implications", (123) and effectively corrodes any principled distinction between the legislative and judicial functions.
2) "How far should considerations of dualism drive one from a hybrid theory to an Hegelian social command theory?" Beginning with Schiller, Part II considers the question of whether Kant's hybrid account "presents an unattractively dualistic and conflicted picture of our nature as moral agents" (104).
The letter gave Copland the opportunity to convey to the Standing Committee that he felt the poor response was because the salary was unattractively low (1,950 pounds) and that it was, therefore, a 'doubtful exercise' to have advertised the chair.
The 80s Trax was a crude product for certain, with half doors, and and unattractively angular body with a canvas top.
This flexibility protects the issuer from being locked in to a high rate of interest when rates have softened and protects the investor from having a commitment to an unattractively priced asset for an indefinite period.
She also appeared to condone drug-taking by tweeting "I really wanna make a batch of hash brownies" (a type of cake containing cannabis, M'Lud) and boasting she intended to get "painfully and oh so unattractively drunk."
This is due to the lack of understanding about nonconventional sources, guarantee requirements, doubts about long-term profitability, the unpredictable prices of renewable electricity in the spot market, unattractively low prices in power purchasing agreements (PPA), and the availability of alternatives in the conventional sector with lower risks and higher profitability--due largely, though never mentioned, to environmental and social costs being externalized.
He pointed out that even if short-term lending is an unattractively low margin business today, it might become less so as savers and borrowers shift their activity from money funds to banks.
A rushed and unattractively animated prologue lays out the film's underlying mythology, involving a race of giants who have spent centuries vowing revenge on the humans who banished them to Gantua, their kingdom in the clouds.
The ML has over generations shed its unattractively rounded exteriors and the 2012 edition looks like a buff teenager that has finally managed to shed most of his baby weight.