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the state of being unattainable

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Let us turn away from her, lest a touch too apt should compel her stately, and cold, and soft, and womanly grace, to gleam out upon my page, with a strange repulsion and unattainableness in the very spell that made her so beautiful.
Though much of the book focuses on the paradoxes of nineteenth-century English Italianism, however, Reynolds's central theme is the role of Victorian poets in creating 'an ideal of national unity, in which individuals would be utterly fulfilled', and whose intrinsic unattainableness only served to heighten its imaginative power (p.
(46.) So far I simply have not found in the "expert" literature any thorough, systemic meta-fiqhi deconstruction of the dense network of secular economic concepts underpinning the modern monetary system, specifically the intimately interlinked concepts of fiat money, legal tender, notional money, paper money, electronic money, plastic money (credit cards), and the usurious deception of the principle of fractional reserve banking, but a very good start is definitely the two important articles by Ahamed Kameel Mydin Meera and Moussa Larbani, "Seigniorage of Fiat Money and the Maqasid al-shariah: The Unattainableness of the Shariah," in Humanomics, vol.