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Trump created endless controversies during the presidential campaign yet prevailed, inspiring a theory that he was "unattackable," as CNN's Chris Cillizza put it.
While Moscoso Puello was not seeking to depict, centrally, the relationship between Dominicans and Haitians, he does suggest the idea that they were both involved in an affective triangle with an unattackable Other, the United States.
Although the category of sovereignty, in its classic Hobbesian form, functions for all modern states, and in primis for those in Europe, we are here in the presence of a sovereignty underlined by its belief in substantiating itself in an unattackable or impervious country.
But such a capability would make Iran, a large country with rich resources located in the most strategic area of the world, unattackable; a prospect not acceptable to the United States.
She contrives gestures to effect a change in her "practically unattackable" situation (327).